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| style="background: #FFFFFF;text-align: center;" | Backend
| style="background: #FFFFFF;text-align: center;" | Backend
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SMU tBank Our Project Scope Our X-Factor Technologies Going Forward


References: Technologies Used

No Frontend/Backend Technology Link
1 Frontend KP Frontend1.PNG
2 Frontend KP Frontend2.PNG
3 Frontend KP Frontend3.PNG
4 Frontend KP Frontend4.PNG
5 Frontend KP Frontend5.PNG
6 Backend KP Backend1.PNG
7 Backend KP Backend2.PNG
8 Backend KP Backend3.PNG
9 Backend KP Backend4.PNG

Front-End: Design & Technology Considerations

Single Page Application

  • Reusable Codes
  • More responsive application
  • Reduce load on Server
    • HTML loading etc.

Reasons for Client-Side Technologies Used

  • MVC for client side code
    • Making javascript codes modular
  • Backbone’s Router
    • Detects change in URL, which is needed in a SPA
  • Big community for open source support
  • Templating made easy with Underscore JS
  • Stubs are easy to create with backbone’s Model

Reasons for Server-Side Technologies Used

  • Simple interface with Service Mediation that uses TIBCO JMS
  • Low learning curve
  • Open-Source libraries that provide easy conversion from JSON to XML (vice-versa)

Back-End: Technical Complexity

Communication Model
This model depicts how messages are sent to and fro from our Bank Teller Application (Frontend) through the Enterprise Service bus to retrieve / store information in the database.


Integration with Front-End
This diagram shows the translation in message formats within our Teller Application which is used to interpret a SOAP Response or create a SOAP Request message.


Sample Backend Tibco Service
Service: Transaction_PartialLoanRepayment_Create

Entity-Relationship Diagram for SMU Core Services Database

KP-Core Services ER Diagram.png