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As part of our Usability X-Factor, we have used rigorous software testing. There are 2 types - SOAPUI Testing for Back End Services and HTMLUnit Testing for End to End Testing.

Back End Services Testing with SOAP UI

Test integrity of back end SOAP services by passing in pre-defined input and comparing it with expected output.

We have put together 2 SOAPUI Projects that contain pre-defined SOAP requests which we can use to invoke the back end services.

The image below shows a screenshot of a SOAPUI Project, and by invoking the Transaction_Deposit_Create service, the SOAP Response contains "invocation successful", indicating the back end service is up and running properly.
SOAPUI Test.png

Test Cases:
We have 30 SOAPUI Test Cases. 17 of which are for the services which our team has built. 13 of which are for the services which we have integrated in our Branch Teller Web Application but was built by other FYP teams or the SMU tBank ESB team.

You can download the SOAPUI Project for our team's built back end services File:Here.

You can download the SOAPUI Project for the back end services built by other teams but was integrated in our project File:Here.

Follow Up Action:
Any bugs or failures in the test cases will immediately be logged in our bug tracker and developers will be notified.

End to End Testing with HTMLUnit

End to End Testing Manually