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[[Image:KP Map.PNG|771×487px]]
[[Image:KP Map.PNG|771×487px]]
[[Image:KP Map.PNG2|774×254px]]
[[Image:KP Map2.PNG|774×254px]]

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SMU tBank Our Project Scope Our X-Factor Technologies Going Forward

SMU tBank Project 3 Branch Teller

Our project involves:

  • Building a user friendly Branch Teller Web Application for Branch Teller (Bank Employees) to utilise
  • Using Service Oriented Architecture Principles to Build Reusable Banking services
  • 2 X-Factors - Credit Approval (Engine & Teaching Tool), and Usability
  • Working in a collaborative SMU tBank project space with FYP Teams Bankrevels & IRONmen, and SMU tBank's ESB Team (research assistants)
  • Extensive testing & validating (Deployment Exercise, Branch Manager External user Test, Presentations & Showcase to Local Banks, Internal Software Testing, and User Tests)
  • Ensuring project longevity through BIAN Documentation for future teams

Project Architecture Diagram

Our team will be developing:

  • 19 Core Functionalities for Branch Teller Web Application (highlighted in blue)
  • 16 SMU Core Banking Services (highlighted in green)
  • 6 X-Factor Credit Approval Functionalities in Branch Teller Web Application & 1 X-Factor Decision Service (highlighted in purple)
  • integrating 15 pre-developed services (highlighted in red)
  • Slick user interface & HTMLUnit Tests as part of the Branch Teller Web Application's Usability X-Factor (highlighted in orange)

Also, our team will be conducting:

  • 4 User Tests & Exercises through the Branch Teller Web Application (highlighted in orange, Retail Banking Channel's layer)
  • and SOAPUI Tests through the Enterprise Service Bus' Service Mediation (highlighted in orange, Enterprise Service Bus' layer)

The architecture diagram below shows where the respective functionalities and services reside in the SMU tBank architecture layers.

KP Arch DiagramFinalFinal.png

Branch Teller Use Cases

The use case catalogue below lists and describes the 25 functionalities of the branch teller web application developed by us.

This 25 functionalities includes Party User PIN Create, which was added mid-way during the project term.
It does not include 2 rejected functionalities proposed by our client but was not taken on by our team, and 2 dropped functionalities during the semester (highlighted in red).

KP FunctionMain1.PNG KP FunctionMain2.PNG

Services Catalogue

The services catalogue below lists and describes the 17 services Kungfu Panda will be developing, and the 15 services (built by other FYP teams & ESB team) which we will be integrating as part of our Branch Teller Web Application.

During the semester, 8 new services were proposed to be included by our client, but our team did not take them on due to large size of our existing scope (highlighted in red).

KP ServiceMain1.PNG KP ServiceMain2.PNG

Use Case - Service Mapping

The table below shows the the relationship between the branch teller application functionalities and the back end services.

Each functionality can call one or more back end services. Each back end service can be called by one or more functionalities.

771×487px 774×254px

Prioritising Scope

We have prioritised our scope according to our client's core interests. In the event of severe delays, the lowest priority scope will be the first to be considered to be dropped as a last case scenario.

(Highest Priority)
Red Zone: Our core features are involve the customer and account use cases and services.
Green Zone: Transaction use cases and services
Purple Zone: Our X-factors
(Lowest Priority)

KP ScopePriorityNew.png