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SMU tBank Our Project Scope Our X-Factor Technologies Going Forward

SMU tBank Project 3 Branch Teller

Our project involves the development of 3 main components - Branch Teller web application, SMU Core Banking services and Loan Approval.

The Branch Teller web application is used by branch teller and relationship manager employees of a bank to service customers at a local bank branch. Key features of this Branch Teller web application will be to create, read and update customer profiles, deposit accounts, loan accounts and execute transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.

The SMU Core Banking services that make up the back end will be invoked by the 4 Retail Banking Channels in SMU tBank – Branch Teller web application, Automated Teller Machine, Retail Mobile Banking and Retail Internet Banking.

Our X-Factor enables automated loan approval for customers to reduce processing and cycle time for the processing of loans. Also, a teaching tool for SMU MITB and undergraduate students to observe the impact of editing Credit Approval rules on various demographics of loan applicants in Singapore.

Purpose of SMU tBank

Mission Statement of SMU tBank
“The mission of SMU tBank is to become a world class ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply of undergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroom learning outcomes can be put into practice, leveraging industry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.”

KP tBankPurpose.PNG

1. Teaching tool for its undergraduate courses and postgraduate MITB masters course
2. An ideal model for IT architecture in financial institutions and banks to emulate

SMU tBank Architecture