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Project Progress Summary

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Our team, Kungfu Panda, have been progressing well since the start of iteration 1; currently, we are in iteration 9 of our project. Although through the first half of the semester, we faced some changes requested by our client, our team faced them well. We were very focused. However, due to some last minute changes to our requirement, our team is currently rescheduling some task to the next iteration in order to complete the prioritized task first.

After Midterm, our team should have completed about 65% of the Branch Teller Application which includes the Party Customer, Deposit Account, Loan Account and Transaction use cases. We will be moving on to complete our X-Factor (Credit Approval and Teaching Tool) after our Midterm.

Project Highlights

  • Overload of changes by client during week 6 & 7 of the school term
  • A peek in schedule metrics during Acceptance period
    • Schedule Metrics = 1.5 for iteration 5
  • Misunderstanding & intercommunication between SMU tBank FYP teams

Project Management

Project Status

Currently, our project is 67.03% completed.
Percentage of Development Tasks Complete = Number of Completed Tasks (in Green) / Total Number of Tasks


Project Schedule

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Bug Metrics

Total number of bugs encountered: 37
Bug Metric for FYP Week 22: 1 KP-GoodBugMetric.PNG



KP-Bug Metrics wk23a.PNG

KP-Bug Metrics wk23b.PNG

Project Risk

Technical Complexity

Product Comparison

Quality of Application

Intermediate Deliverables



User Testing 1

Date Conducted

  • 20 Sep 2013


  • Test whether the current application is functional
  • The usability of the application to suit a branch teller

Test Scenarios

  1. Create Customer
  2. Update Customer Details
  3. Create Deposit Account
  4. Update Deposit Account
  5. Create Loan Account
  6. Update Loan Account
  7. Customer Read (By NRIC and Customer ID)

Test Results

Pilot Test

Date Conducted

  • 2 Oct 2013


  • Test whether the current application is functional
  • The usability of the application to suit a branch teller

Test Scenarios

  1. Create Customer
  2. Create Deposit Account
  3. Create Loan Account

Test Results


Team Reflection

Individual Reflections

Geraldine Koon (Project Manager)
Motivation is very important to the team. Being the project manager, I feel that it is not all about managing the schedule but also ensuring the team member's well-being is essential for the team to continue working hard and stay focus. Therefore, keeping the team with a positive attitude will motives the team as we drive our project.

Jonathan Ho (Business Analyst)

Zhu Juntao (Usability Engineer)
An enhanced user experience is a combination of all the nitty-gritty details that are often overlooked during the scoping of the project. These nitty-gritty details often take more time than expect and is taken for granted. However, it is the responsibility of the Usability Engineer to take note of these minor details rather than saying 'I will fix them later'.

James Lim (Quality Assurance)
Time must be effectively prioritized and spent. Furthermore, being productive may not necessarily be attributed to spending more time on the project. Work has to be efficiently and smartly done. Working on the Front-end and Testing the application is also notoriously time-consuming and difficult. Proper techniques such as doing unit-testing and batch-testing at once are essential to doing things speedily. Being clear and letting the team know any issues with the application an how we can move forward is important, blame is not attributed to one person working on a particular part, but rather, responsibility is shared by all; this has been the mentality of our team.

Kevin Ng (Lead Developer)
Systems must not only be developed for the present but to cater for the future as well. Non-functional quality attributes such as maintainability, modifiability and resilience should be taken into account. Documentation is also just as important to transfer the knowledge we have learnt for future developers of our system. Besides system architecture and development principles, a strong governance framework is needed to ensure the success of multi team projects during design time and run time.

Tan Yao Guang (System Analyst)
Perseverance and a lot of trying will be required to learn new technologies; People have very different feedback on a particular interface, based on their own personal experience of similar systems or pages. Having industry benchmarks or systems that we can measure our application would really help in evaluating the effectiveness of our design, so as to not waste implementation efforts should changes come about in future.