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SMU tBank Our Project Scope Our X-Factor Technologies Going Forward

Client's Vision

“It’s the start of something new and exciting, we will not be stopped”
- Senior Lecturer Alan Megargel

Continuing the Conceptual & Engagement Models
Our team has gotten the ball rolling and in the future our client will be continuing to:

  • Add more SMU Core Services that expose functionalities of off-the-shelf banking products from leading software vendors
  • Add more Banking Applications and channels developed by SMU SIS undergraduate students to consume reusable services
  • Allow MITB classes to utilise Solution Architecture as a case study for Service Oriented Architecture
  • Further collaborate with banks and product vendors to incubate new innovations

Next semester, Corporate Banking channels and services will be added on to existing Retail Banking components.

BIAN Documentation

To ensure the longevity of the back end services that we have built, our team has utilised the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) Documentation Template to document our back end services.

BIAN Documentation ensures our documentation is benchmarked with industry best practices for quality and standardised using the same banking jargon for future teams to pick up and understand the inputs, outputs and preconditions of our services.

As this documentation or proprietary, please approach Senior Lecturer Alan Megargel if you are interested in learning more and participating in the goal to build SMU tBank.