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ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND Empact is a social enterprise with a mission to serve and empower the non-profit and social enterprise communities. One of Empact’s core business is to matchmake volunteers together with social enterprise so as to provide social enterprises with quality professional services affordable to Non-Profit organizations (NGOs) and Social Enterpises (SEs).

PROJECT FOCUS In this project, Team Box.us would be developing a Micro-Volunteering System to automate the process of matching volunteers with the relevant jobs. Upon conception, the system would help Empact to ease their matching process bottleneck and provide a mobile application for championing micro-volunteerism among its volunteers.


  • Changing landscape of micro-volunteerism in Singapore - Champion micro-volunteerism among its volunteers.
  • Improve process flow between stakeholders - Facilitate better communication and reduce process bottleneck.
  • Increase accuracy in matching volunteer interests, skillsets and availability.

The project aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Increase micro-volunteerism take up rates among potential pool of volunteers
  • Decrease volunteer wait time after registering as a volunteer with Empact
  • Decrease NPO/SE wait time after consulting Empact for resource help
  • Increase communication between NPO/SE and volunteers in answering simple questions
  • Manual task of matching volunteers

Based on their current Volunteer Matching Process, the client requires:

  • The development of a new web system that would be able to allow automated volunteer matching, online management of volunteers and NPO/SE, task management for Empact employees and push notification capability for volunteers.
  • The development of a new iPhone application that would allow browsing of tasks, answering of simple tasks(questions) and basic profile management capabilities

In addition, the team would be required to perform solutioning of the web application & iPhone application, deployment of web application & iPhone application and make suggestions to meeting the business goals highlighted.

Modules Module Name Scope details


Manage Account

All Users

  • Account creation to login and access the application
  • View and edit their own account details
  • Empact has ability to accept or reject a volunteer

Manage Profile

All Users

  • Edit profile details


  • View NPOs and volunteers' profile details


  • Fill their company profile


  • Fill up a questionnaire to determine the kind of cause they can do, which will then be used as profile
  • View NPOs' profile details


Manage Task

All Users

  • View available tasks


  • View list of assignments submitted by NGOs
  • Create, edit, remove tasks based on the assignment which NPOs give
  • Automated matching of tasks and volunteers based on skillsets
  • Send task request to volunteers. The notification will be send via email and push notification(iOS)
  • View applications from volunteers
  • Accept or reject volunteers' task application
  • Update profress details


  • Post assignment to Empact


  • Apply for task from the list of available tasks
  • Accept or reject task requests from Empact

Manage Task Review


  • Add, edit remove reviewer to task
  • Approve/reject task completion
  • View Documents

Manage Questions

All Users

  • View all questions
  • Search questions based on keywords


  • Create, edit, remove question
  • Mark a reply as answer


  • Reply question

Manage Search

All Users

  • Search for task by skillset or causes
  • Set filters to search for NPO


  • View search result for Empact (ability to send task request)


  • View search results (no action)


  • View search results (ability to apply for task)

  Value-Enhancing FEATURES

Statistical Reporting


  • View Statistics
  • Export Statistics
  • View data

Manage Records


  • View volunteering records
  • Generate records

iPhone Application

iOS Development


  • Be notified of task posting via push notification
  • Accept or reject task offering
  • View questions asked by NGOs
  • Post answers to questions
  • View and search for available task

  • Question: Items posted by the NPO/SE that do not require any necessary approval by Empact
  • Task: Items posted by the NPO/SE that needs to be executed by the volunteer and is matched using the system.
  • Assignment: Items that can be broken down into many tasks and executed by the volunteer.


Based on the needs of client, we have elicited the following objectives that would be fulfilled by this project.

Business Objectives.jpg


Empact has specifically identified the volunteer matching process to be the bottleneck in their entire operations. Based on a preliminary process analysis of the volunteer matching process, we have come up with 4 high-level phases of the volunteer matching process:

Volunteer Matching HighLevel.jpg


The volunteer matching process involves 3 different stakeholder groups:

  • Volunteers: These are individuals, or group of individuals that sign up with Empact to be part of their volunteer pool.
  • Empact Staff: The Empact staff that do the administrative work and the manual task of matching volunteers and NPO/SE with tasks that they are interested in and fits the skillsets required by the NPO/SE
  • Non Profit Organisations/Social Enterprises(NPO/SE): These are the organizations that approach Empact for help in managing their events or to source for volunteers with the required skillsets.


  • Task: Discrete unit of work/activity that has to be completed by a volunteer
  • Question: General enquiries that does not require the volunteer to be active
  • Assignment: Big projects that are often times broken down into smaller tasks by Empact staffs


The scope of our project does not cover process re-engineering. However, we have done a brief analysis of their current process to identify key design requirements for our system.

Registration Sub-Process


Volunteer Reg ASIS.jpg


NPO Registration AsIs.jpg

Matching Sub-Process

Posting Task Assignment ASIS.jpg

Execution Sub-Process

To check with Empact on what activities do they want to be within the system

Task Debrief Sub-Process

To check with Empact on what activities do they want to be within the system


Team Box.us would be responsible for the design, development and implementation of a web application system and an iOS phone application. The web application would help Empact to perform automated matching of volunteers and provide an integrated management platform for its volunteers, its clients and its staff to handle volunteer matchings.

WEB APPLICATION The Web Application would consist of the following functionalities:


iOS PHONE APPLICATION The iOS Phone Application is a subset of the Web Application that provides a one-stop place for its volunteers to view, apply and receive notification for tasks. This application would be developed and hosted on the Apple Store for its volunteers and potential volunteers to download.

REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION The detailed requirements specification is not yet available. Please check back again!

Upon conception, these are the few impacts that the system is foreseen to bring to the business:

To insert the impacts analysis.

The team has identified a few project risks:

  • Little involvement of client throughout the entire development process.
    • Early involvement of client at the beginning of every iteration
    • Agile development that involves client at every phase of project
  • Misunderstanding of requirements set out by clients between client and project team
    • Scheduling releases of system to align client expectations
    • Using diagrams to illustrate concepts to ensure common understanding
  • Unclear communication between team members
    • Weekly team meetings to ensure misunderstandings are identified early
    • Regular integration of ideas and understandings at critical junctures of project

For detailed list of project risks: [1]

Refer to Project Management for Risk Mitigation Strategy