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  1. Develop an IT system that satisfies a list of functional and quality requirements with a team. Student will practice their requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation, testing and project management skills.
  2. Experience software development lifecycle using a methodology such as agile RUP. Student will experience a project from inception to construction and hopefully a taste of deployment.
  3. Build the additional depth required to become a Business IT professional. This includes building up competence in one or more of the IS depth elective courses, as well as learning domain knowledge by integrating technology into an industry sector.
  4. Manage the project. This includes managing scope, risks, schedule, code configuration, and quality of the project. Student will manage the stakeholders, which include users, testers, sponsors or mentors, supervisors and reviewers.

Retrieved from SIS IS480 Website: http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2012-2013/Objective.html


My greatest takeaway from this IS480 website is to learn how to manage a real-world IT project. Having past experiences in managing student projects, events and non-profit related activities (i.e. youth camps), I wish to gain specific skill sets from the IS 480 project:

  1. Agile Development Methodology
  2. Motivating IT project teams
  3. Evaluating IT project ideas
  4. Client negotiation skills
  5. Time management skills
  6. Applied project management skills (and not just from textbook)

I intend to hone my skills through the privilege of being selected by my team to manage the project. Also, I want to ensure that my team members are able to meet their learning outcomes through the IS 480 project.


Boon Kheng


Wai Mun

Objective for myself in this IS480 project

  • To experience working with a real client.

This is my first time working with a real client with regards to a project and this experience is something that i will not get in other modules.

  • To work on a project that will benefit people both in the long run and short run

This project that i will look back,remember and tell my children that the time and effort spent on the project was justifiable and not full of regrets.

Objective for the team in this IS480 project

  • Have fun working with one another and enjoy the whole process

We should enjoy the whole process of doing this project as we are creating something that will benefit people.

  • Have a team synergy

This is where we can tap into each other strengths and weaknesses and to form what is called box.us

Objective for the end product that will be delivered to the client

  • Bugs free
  • User friendly product
  • High in quality

Ultimately,these are the skills that i would like to get out from IS480

  • time management
  • project management


I wish to experience real project interaction with real business clients, in a larger team. I have experiences in working IT projects during my work outside, but usually I'm always managing in a small team of 3. Having a larger team, I hope to learn how we can pull our complimenting strengths in a project and catch up with our weaknesses, to produce an awesome result altogether.

Technically wise, my expertise lies with PHP and HTML web apps, and also with Wordpress CMS. I also wish to learn more technical skills like developing mobile apps and/or try out various tech tools out there to increase efficiency of coding.