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  • Mobile Platform Support:

Empact use case v1.1.jpg


File:Empact use case scenario v1.0.docx

Some sneak preview of what volunteers can see

VolunteerSignUp.jpg 1b.jpg 2a.jpg
VolReqTask.jpg VOLTask.jpg 4c.jpg
VolQnsPg.jpg P3.jpg

Some sneak preview of what Empact can see

EmpactSee.jpg TaskApproval.jpg EmpactViewTask.jpg
EmpactQuestions.jpg Stastics.jpg

Some sneak preview of what NPO can see


V1 1.jpg V1 2.jpg V1 3.jpg
V1 4.jpg V1 5.jpg V1 6.jpg
V1 7.jpg V1 8.jpg V1 9.jpg
V1 10.jpg V1 11.jpg V1 12.jpg


Technical Diagram1.jpg

We would be doing our user interface using Bootstrap 2.2. A few key features of the BootStrap 2.2 Framework:

  • Responsive Desgin
  • Generate your custom template
  • Ability to compile new themes on the fly using LESS

This UI framework helps us to cope with changes made by the client.


Testing will be done at the end of every iterations with the use of test cases. It will mainly be done by the non-technical team(either the Business Analyst or the Usability Analyst) after the latest version been uploaded to the staging server. If there is any bugs found during the testing, it will be logged in the Bug Log and will be debugged later on when PM has allocated time to with the buffer time.

For each testing, it will include the current and new functions to make sure that all features are working on the latest version. These are the scenarios which will be tested:

  • User Account
  • User Profile
  • Manage Task
  • Task workflow
  • Questions
  • Search
  • Mobile App
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Manage Records

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