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Welcome to Viaxeiros FYP Wiki Page

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Since the start of the company, Qiito aims to provide a holistic package for all avid travelers, enabling them to have a hassle-free and memory experience. With the features available in their current website, users can easily browse through interesting trips and places the community have been to and create their own unique trip details. To preserve every trip memories, Qiito also aims to provide a platform to allow users to share their experiences through the photos taken during their trip.

In the recent year, Qiito has successfully launched their website and has garnered a substantial number of users in their database. As the list grows continuously, a critical issue also starts to surface. Many of their users are currently viewing their website via their mobile phone. To enable the users a better user experience while making use of their website, Qiito has created a mobile web version of their site.

It was then that Qiito realize the opportunities available in a mobile application. Thus, our group is invited to help them create a mobile application for them and to explore the possible avenues within a native application that enable the enhancement of the experience users can have.

Project Description

Based on the requirements analysis with our client and feedback from our initial user market survey , this project will be split into 3 sub-categories: Discovery, Itinerary, and Memories. The aim of the application is for users to get inspirations, organize, and share possible memories within the Qiito community.

Discovery View Travelogue Core Feature To view a travelogue with a listing of places to go do and their location on a generic map.
View Place Core Feature To view the details and description of a place of interest, with its location on a generic map.
Explore Places Within Vicinity (QBeam) Secondary Feature To find out unknown places within close proximity of the user, by using the camera functionalities through augmented reality technologies.
Like/Share a Place Secondary Feature To like or share a place.
Like/Share a Travelogue Secondary Feature To like or share a travelogue with other users.
Itinerary View Personal Travelogues Core Feature To view a travelogue previously planned by a user on the website.
Download Personal Travelogue for offline viewing Core Feature To download all details of a personal travelogue for offline viewing, including views on a detailed map (Open Street Map)
Generate Smart Itinerary (QEureka) Secondary Feature To generate a suggested itinerary based on user’s country of choice, duration, and preferences for activities and food choices.
Adopt a travelogue Secondary Feature To find out unknown places within close proximity of the user, by using the camera functionalities through augmented reality technologies.
Create Personal Travelogue Good-to-Have Feature To generate a new travelogue for planning on the mobile platform.
Memories Upload Photo Core Feature To take a picture of a place for uploading, either as a stand-alone or attached to a planned itinerary.

Our Sponsor

Qiito stands for Quick Interesting Interactive Travel Organizer. As a recent startup, this company aims to provide an online platform where users can share and discover interesting new places among themselves. Using the tools available, users can also plan their ideal itinerary and share their travel experience within the Qiito community. Qiito continuously strives for more innovative functions to provide a wholesome yet convenient travel planning package for all avid travelers.

Our Stakeholders

Supervisor: Professor Benjamin Gan
Sponsor/Client: Nguyen Khanh An, CTO, Qiito Pte. Ltd.
Users: Mobile Users on the Android Platform