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Mid Term Slides

Project Progress Summary


Currently, Viaxeiros in in their Iteration 9 on 26 February 2013, and in the midst of meeting the upcoming milestone, which is the Midterms presentation, at 26 February 2013.

Currently, since the Acceptance Presentation which is at 5 November 2013, The following main features have been completed:

  1. Native pages for travelogue and places
  2. Download of travelogue for offline usage
  3. Camera functions in the application
  4. Online and offline map display
  5. Improvement of performance and memory issues

Based on the current status of the project, our team has decided to focus only on one of the additional functions proposed in the Acceptance Presentation, which is the Augmented Reality.

Project Highlights
Iterations Descriptions / Highlights
2 Major Delay in Offline map
4 Increasing Scope to be done
7 Change in focus for additional functionality

Project Management

Project Status

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual)

Project Metrics

Project Risks

Application Development

Intermediate Deliverables

Technical Complexity


User Testing


Learning Outcomes
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