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<!------------------------------------Individual Learning Outcomes--------------------------------------->
===<!------------------------------------Individual Learning Outcomes--------------------------------------->===

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Learning Outcomes

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Individual Learning Outcomes
Siew Lin As the Project Manager of the group, I aim to learn how to better manage a team, where members have little conflict with each other and have a common goal in mind. In addition, I hope to learn how to better breakdown the schedule and create more realistic and appropriate iterations for a project based on the metrics that are used. Finally, I hope to learn the art of managing the expectations of both the client and our supervisor, where the efforts we put in not only meet the client’s wants and also value add the company.
Yukai Taking the role of the Lead Developer and Assistant Project Manager, I would like to use this opportunity under IS480 to develop and enhance both my hard and soft skills. Hard skills would naturally encompass the exposure to mobile development, in particular on the Android platform due to its rising popularity. Soft skills would include the management of a schedule for a project team, as well as interpersonal skills of managing stakeholder’s expectations and requests, both which are very relevant in the working society.
Sing Lim Being the lead business analyst and assistant lead developer, I would like to use this opportunity to analyze consumer patterns, perform competitor analysis, and propose solutions which will be beneficial to three parties; Qiito, Viaxeiros and consumers of the app. As an assistant lead developer, I would like to take this opportunity to pick up a new skillset which is likely to be the trend for the next few years as companies go mobile. Typically, I’m looking for some design and android specific feature kind of skillsets.
Zi Jun As the Quality Assurance Manager and the Assistant Designer, I would like to use this opportunity to learn the techniques to test and design Android applications so that our application will be of top quality and also, able to enhance user experiences. I also hope that through this project, I am able to learn how to effectively gather user feedbacks and to conduct a systematic usability testing.
Melissa In this IS480 project, I hope that I will be able to manage my priorities well as I have other commitments to attend to. Besides that, I wish that I will be able to develop and design an android application that provides invaluable benefits to both the sponsors and the community of avid travellers.