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Welcome to Viaxeiros FYP Wiki Page

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User Requirements Analysis

Survey 1

You can find the questions to our survey here
A summary review of the survey could be found here
Summary findings (Charts) could be found here

Feedback (Google Deployment)

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User Testing

You can find our Test Plan here.

Here are our User Testing results:


You can find our Storyboard here: Version 1

Technical Complexity

1. Display of Offline Maps for offline viewing

Whilst overseas, users may have difficulty obtaining data connectivity to have access to the full functionalities of Google Maps. Our functionality “View Itinerary Offline”, will provide the accessibility of having a pocket-sized travel guide book, based on each user’s customized itinerary, as long as the user selects to download an offline copy for future reference.
With the implementation of OSMDroid (Open Street Map Droid), the application will cache a specific map area pertaining to the user’s itinerary. This allows users to view the touring area on the offline map, complete with zooming features and search function of that particular area.

2. QBeam – Augmented Reality View

Even as locals, users may be surprised to discover unknown places of interest around their town. This is where QBeam comes in to help with the discovery, by displaying places of interests surrounding the user’s current location. This will be viewed through the lens of the phone camera, complete with the direction and distance away from the user.
The team will be looking into exploring the Vuforia and Wikitude SDKs for Android to deploy the Augmented Reality View function.

3. QEureka - Smart Itinerary

For casual travellers, planning a detailed itinerary for a short period of time from head to toe may be a hassle for some users. Thus, the application will also be providing a function to generate a smart itinerary based on a smart and detailed algorithm. The current plan as of now will be based on user’s input on:
- Country of choice
- Duration
- Food choices
- Trip theme/preferences (of activities)


Below are the tools are resources our team is currently employing during this project:

[Eclipse IDE For Mobile Developers] Our trusty IDE that provides our coding environment!
[Subclipse] Subclipse is an Eclipse Team Provider plug-in providing support for Subversion within the Eclipse IDE.
[Android SDK Package] Providing the API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, test, and debug apps for our application.
[OSMDroid] Map library we are exploring and deploying for our offline map viewing functionality.