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Phoenix Team Members & Responsibilities

1 Kristopher Haryadi [1] Project Manager / Wiki Master
  • Responsible for overall project planning & execution
  • Ensure delivery according to Project Schedule
2 Dionysius Yan Wei Quan [2] Quality Assurance / UI Engineer
  • Prepare test plans as related to User Acceptance Test and Usability Test
  • Lead the design of User Interface for both Web Application and iPhone App
3 Jean Choy Joo Min [3] Business Analyst / System Analyst
  • Provide necessary information to Lead Developer of the team
  • Align client's expectation and stakeholder's requirement
4 Saraswathy Aruna Annamalai [4] Assistant Developer
  • Providing assistance and working closely with Lead Developer
  • Create diagrams related to the project to support Lead Developer
5 Chew Kee Min [5] Lead Developer
  • Oversee & coach implementation of system features
  • Research & architect team technical implementation