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<b>Last Team & Supervisor Meeting</b><br>
<b>Last Team & Supervisor Meeting</b><br>
*[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/7/72/Supervisor_03_20-02-2013.pdf Supervisor Minutes 04 20-02-2013]<br>
*[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/2/24/Supervisor_09_12-04-2013.pdf Supervisor Meeting 12 April 2013]<br>
<b>Next Team Meeting</b><br>
<b>Next Team Meeting</b><br>

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About Us


Project Description
The Team


Project Scope


Technology Used


User Interface


Meeting Minutes
Learning Outcomes


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About Us

Hi there, and welcome to Team Phoenix Wiki Page!

We are a group of students from SIS currently in the learning journey of IS480 (IS Application Project). Our goal is to learn ultimate Project Management before going into corporate industry. Rain or shine, we believe that this will be one of the most meaningful experience in our life as students in SMU.

Currently, we are collaborating together with SMU Macintosh Society (Macness) [1] to build a website and an iPhone App to allow SMU Students to access latest information from Student Community and CCA in SMU. This project serves as a Proof-of-Concept. In addition, we are also simulating this iPhone App to access Facility Booking System which is equipped with mapping functionality to help students find their way to GSRs, SRs, or CRs across campus.

Want to know more about us? Find out more information from the tabs above! (:


Last Team & Supervisor Meeting

Next Team Meeting
19 April 2013 (Rehearsal for Final Presentation)

10 April 2013
Due to limitation in our further development time, we have dropped push notification functionality. Nevertheless, we are still trying to implement email notification.
23 March 2013
Sponsored by our client, we have acquired our final deployment server. More information will be updated soon! Do check http://smyoucca.net.
28 January 2013
We have deployed our first prototype of the website. Please check http://smyou.dyndns.org/proto.
21 February 2013
Our beta system for Mid Term Evaluation has been uploaded. Kindly check http://smyou.dyndns.org/uat
10 January 2013
As per our discussion with supervisor and clients, Team Phoenix has decided to use CodeIgniter to build our own Website and Titanium SDK for our development tools. As a result, we have dropped Wordpress Content Management System technology for our project development. Furthermore, Titanium SDK will be used for mobile app development.

Major Milestones

Midterm Presentation Slides (22 February 2013 - 1530 hrs)

User Acceptance Test - UAT #1
We have conducted our very first User Acceptance Test where eight students from different faculty participated for the test on 19 February 2013. The purpose of our UATs is to test major functionalities that have been done and also to find if the users are able to find new bugs and/or issues. More information about the test cases can be found over the hyperlinks below:

Usability Testing - UT #1
Our very first Usability Testing was conducted on 5 February 2013. The purpose of our UTs is to ask feedbacks about User Interface (Usability) of our product among the users. More info about testing procedure can be found over hyperlink below:

Acceptance Presentation Slides (November 2012)
Acceptance Presentation Slides


Iteration 5 & Buffer Week

Milestone Goals to Complete Status

UserTest 2
24 APR 2013
Project Completion + Handover
  • User Test #2
  • Wayfinder User Interface
  • Wayfinder Map Design (X + Y Coordination)
  • Wayfinder Backend (Pin location to be dropped on selected room)
  • Deploy CCA Website to client-sponsored server
  • Final presentation preparation and documentation

Iteration 4

Milestone Goals to Complete Status

Major Functions
18 FEB 2013
Major Facility Booking System
  • CCA Website - Events Management (Email notification + My Events)
  • Facility Booking Interface
  • Facility Booking Backend (Create/Confirm/Cancel)
  • Facility Booking Database (List of GSRs, CRs, and SRs)
  • iOS Mobile Deployment Version 2

Iteration 3

Milestone Goals to Complete Status

18 FEB 2013
UAT and Midterm
  • Create and manage banner
  • CCA API JSON Parsing
  • Manage user account
  • Create and edit events (Halfway completed)
  • Approve join events (Halfway completed)
  • Ios mobile deployment - Version 1
  • Mid term presentation preparation and documentation

Iteration 2

Milestone Goals to Complete Status

UT Preparation
21 Jan 2013
1. UT Preparation
  • Edit CCA
  • Join CCA
  • Approve CCA
  • Manage CCA
  • Delete CCA
  • Search CCA base on keywords
  • Create and assign CCA category
  • Browse CCA via categories
  • Calendar menu for events
  • User access rights
  • Deploy sample Titanium mobile app

Iteration 1

Milestone Goals to Complete Status
7 Jan 2013
1. Website Prototype
  • Project Documentation
  • User Interface Design
  • Map Design
  • Login and logout
  • Create CCA
  • Browse CCA
  • Titanium SDK research

Iteration 0

Milestone Goals to Complete Status

26 OCT 2012
  • CCA Website Wordpress Content Management (Retired)
  • iOS objective C (Retired)
  • Proposal documentation