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Project Description

Project Description

We are building an e-commerce web application (VEON) which allows users to create their 3D avatar of themselves from a 2D photograph. This innovation creates a brand new shopping experience where users can try on and visualize various hairstyles and apparels before making a purchase.

This web application will also help users in decision making, by recommending products based on users' facial features and preferences. In addition, users will be able to connect to each other, and share their thoughts about the products and vendors.


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Many people today still prefer shopping for fashion goods at a physical store, despite the convenience of shopping online. Hence, we wish to bridge the gap in shopping experience provided by physical store and online shop.

Unlike shopping at a physical store, customers who shop on current online shopping platform are unable to try on products that they like, so they have to rely on imagination to visualize how it looks on them. VEON will solve this problem by providing realistic and customized 3D avatar which allows shopper to try on the products online without any hassle.



Project Scope

Project Scope
No. Main Feature Component Description
1 User Management Registration, Login, Profile Enhance users' register and login experience.

Manage users' personal details.

2 3D Visualization 2D Photo to 3D Avatar Implement A*Star technology which allows rendition of 2D photograph to 3D picture.
3 Shopping Catalog, Purchase, Try On Product, Past Purchases, Payment Gateway, Order Status Create an e-commerce application to ease users' shopping process.
4 Social Friends, Chat, Group, Group Chat Social network features which allow user to interact with one and another.
5 Recommendations User Data, Others' Purchase Pattern, Unstructured Data (Chat) Provide personalized recommendation for each user based on user input and advanced tracking.

Please refer to Complete Project Scope Document for more details.

Deployment Architecture

Deployment Architecture

Architecture Diagram

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Resources and Framework

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About Us

About Us
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