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CAN.ONE Midterm Page

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Project Progress Summary

Project Highlight

⇒ Completed 8 iteration (total: 11 iteration)
⇒ Buffer time:

→ 2 days buffer at the end of every iteration
→ 1 week buffer at the end of every 2 iterations

⇒ Finish 70% of project
⇒ Conducted 1 User Testing
⇒ Meeting (22 internal, 13 sponsor, 11 supervisor)

Task Leftover

Can.One Leftover Task.png

⇒ Features:

→ Group Chat
→ Order Tracking
→ Recommendation based on user data and others’ purchases (integrate)
→ Recommendation based on chat

⇒ 1 Usability Test with sponsor
⇒ 2 User Acceptance Test
⇒ System Testing for newly implemented feature

Project Management

Project Scope


No. Main Feature Component Description
1 User Management Registration, Login, Profile Enhance users' register and login experience.

Manage users' personal details.

2 3D Visualization 2D Photo to 3D Avatar Implement A*Star technology which allows rendition of 2D photograph to 3D picture.
3 Shopping Catalog, Purchase, Try On Product, Past Purchases, Payment Gateway, Order Status Create an e-commerce application to ease users' shopping process.
4 Social Friends, Chat, Group, Group Chat Social network features which allow user to interact with one and another.
5 Recommendations User Data, Others' Purchase Pattern Provide personalized recommendation for each user based on user input and advanced tracking.


Can.One Scope.png

Those highlighted in blue are new task that was previously not in the project scope

Schedule Overview

Can.One Schedule.png

Schedule Overview (Planned vs Actual)

Can.One Schedule (Planned vs Actual).png

Schedule Change

  • Buffer 1 (25 Oct - 4 Nov)
⇒ Pull Iteration 3 forward to prepare for Acceptance Presentation          
Use of buffer:
→ Add accessories to avatar
→ Catalogue UI-backend integration

  • Buffer 2 (3 Dec - 9 Dec)
Use of buffer:
→ Set up database
Task pushed back:
→ Shopping cart
→ Underestimating “shopping” scope
New task:
→ Vendor portal – view (scheduled for iteration 5)

  • Buffer 3 (7 Jan - 13 Jan)
Use of buffer:
→ Past purchases
→ Set up system testing framework
→ Need to set up system testing framework ASAP as requested by supervisor
Task removed
→ Club - not enough brands were available
New task:
→ Verification email (scheduled for iteration 8)

  • Buffer 4 (11 Feb - 17 Feb)
Use of buffer:
→ Batch uploading (new task)
→ Group chat
→ Vendor portal integration
→ Underestimating “chat” scope

Project Metrics

Schedule Metric

Can.OneSchedule Metric.png

Schedule Metric Score

Can.One Schedule Metric Score.png   Can.One Schedule Overview (planned vs actual).png

Bug Metric

Can.One Bug Metric.png

Can.One Bug Metric Action Plan.png

Bug Tracking Log
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Project Risks

Can.One Risks.png       Can.One Risk Metric.png

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes
Requirements User Requirement
  • Functional Requirement Document
Analysis Use Case
Pre-Acceptance Survey
Design Deployment Diagram
Resources & Framework
UI Mockups
Logical Diagram
Testing User Testing
System Testing


Technical Complexity


Grace Lee (Project Manager)

Shira Aretti (Business Analyst)

Tai Shi Ling (Technical Analyst)

Melwin Luis Tanu (Lead Developer)

Ardian Tjeng (Design Analyst)