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Can One Welcome Design
where we are now...

iteration 10

Can.One Schedule Iter10.png

Click HERE to see the complete schedule overview


Stay tune for our UT 2 and UAT 1 result! Can.One WinkIcon.png

Latest Meeting
Internal Meeting - 12 March 2013 7:00PM at Library PR 4.6
Check out the minute here
General Meeting - 15 February 2013 5:30PM at IIE Incubator
Check out the minute here
Supervisor Meeting - 31 January 2013 1:00PM via Skype
Check out the minute here

Next Meeting
General Meeting - 15 March 2013 5.30PM at IIE Incubator
Internal Meeting - 19 March 2013 7:00PM at TBA
Supervisor Meeting - 21 March 2013 1:00PM via Skype
General Meeting - 22 March 2013 10.30AM at IIE Incubator