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Project Vision & Mission

TimberWerkz aims to create a one-stop web application for aspiring artists to collaborate with Oak3 Films to improve the current auditioning process. Our vision for this project is that the application can be deployed live and in future, involve the participation of other production houses in Singapore. Most importantly, we hope that this portal will serve as a convenient tool for our client to leverage upon so as to improve their business processes and enhance their competitive advantage in the local media industry.

Project Overview

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The motivation behind this project is to create value for the company by:

  1. Improving the efficiency of the auditioning/casting process. Promising artistes can be shortlisted quickly online and interview schedules can be coordinated easily.
  2. Increasing information accessibility of artistes to learn and apply for casting calls, providing a structured, standardized approach to execute the casting call process
  3. Providing a user-friendly interface for artistes to communicate with production houses, to sign up for available opportunities and to obtain useful information to prepare for auditions.

Project Description

TimberWerkz is developing an online auditioning platform called Casting3 for Oak3 Films Pte Ltd (see About the Client for details).
The objective of the application is to provide a centralized environment that allows production houses and artistes to communicate and aids in the auditioning and casting process.

Currently, Oak3 Film’s casting and auditioning process is enabled through labour-intensive activities, using paper form submissions and email correspondence with auditioning artistes. Paper form submissions contain many handwritten fields that sometimes result in inaccurate entries and illegible handwriting; while email correspondence to many potential candidates is challenging to keep track and organise.

Furthermore, Oak3 experiences challenges in finding a medium where their casting calls can reach its target audience effectively. With Casting3, production houses are able to publish casting calls effectively to artistes, who are able to build their portfolio and upload audition videos. Furthermore, production houses can also review applicants of their casting calls immediately and schedule interviews via Casting3.

Auditioning Process (As-Is)

Watch the As-Is Process Video created by TimberWerkz.

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