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Zheng Keli's Reflections


Before Acceptance

Before acceptance, it was liking running a rat race without a clue on what lies ahead. Having to foresee unforeseen circumstances also require a great deal of planning, foresight and tenacity. It was a start of a journey of tremendous learning opportunities and the team had to research various ideas and come up with innovative ideas to present to the sponsor so that she could pick one that best fit the corporate situation.

During Acceptance

Our team had faced alot of challenges communicating locally and overseas. But eventually, we manage the situation quite well with some consensus. The hardest part about this phase was to entrust work and we manage to do fine. Despite failures, the team managed to make amends to each other along the way. In the working life, there will be situations that could lessen manpower and one might overload because of it hence I have learnt that not all can be done in one day but through continuous rigorous iterations and further improvements will our efforts be geared towards excellence.

During Mid Term

During mid term presentation we took a hit from the reviewers while our prototype was not too ready and there were some doubts as to whether we could really make this project a successful one. Despite all the pessimism, we had managed to improve ourselves over the course after correcting, reconfirmation, reassurance of our product. It was easy to come up with our product and considering all factors of how a user would react to our application was the trickiest. Despite the fact that we had ample advice from our sponsor, I often find myself trapped in a cycle of pessimism and it was then that i realized that it was crucial to remain calm and positive about the situations that arose. This was the phase where it tested our ability to drive ourselves to produce and become more efficient.

During Final Presentation

This was the hardest phase of all where the product came under further scrutiny. I learnt how not to complain about the work given despite all odds against time and other modules. I have to admit, sometimes its hard to meet deadlines especially during debugging phase while being testes with technical complexities. I realized that learning how to negotiate with the sponsor is a difficult business skill to pick up and I had to be on the toes so that we are balancing between making the sponsor happy as well as implementing solutions on schedule. Sometimes however, technical complexities can be a hindrance to our progress but with perseverance, the team managed to overcome most of these obstacles successful by supporting one another fervently.