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Zhang Yingyue's Reflections


During the FYP journey with my teammates, I have learned a lot for both technical and spiritual side

Technical and Business Skills

1. I have learned some basic knowledge about Android Development, which may benefit my future career if I will be involved in Android application development

2. I have learned some knowledge about Drupalv that requires other knowledge like MySQL, CSS, PHP and Javascript and so on, which polishes my skills on MySQL and makes me start to learn CSS

3. I have learned how to design Web Site by CSS. It is really interesting and I enjoy it!

4. As System Analyst of our Team, I have learned how to create a User Test Plan,how to settle down all the resource, how to conduct a UT and how to analyze data collected from UT


I have spent a interesting time with my teammates.We figure out the way to make our project better and learn from each other for both technical and spiritual side.