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Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram
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Last updated: 26 November 2012

Use Case Description

Use Case Description
Manage photo Worthy Cause Team members will capture photos. Worthy Cause Team Members can also choose to filter or crop the photo.
Manage Diary Entry

View and decide whether to delete the diary entry (Worthy Cause Administrator).

Manage Team Members Create and manage Worthy Cause team member accounts(Worthy Cause Administrators).
View Projects Enable Worthy Cause Team members to view details of each organization's projects.
Manage Livefeeds

1) Enable Worthy Cause Team members to capture the moments in the form of diary entries. They will be able to update a latest update description for a project, tag a location, apply filter effects or crop a chosen photo, and finally assign the diary entry to relevant projects.

2) Enable Worthy Cause Team members to view the list of diary entries, views its details (Update description, author, date of post, number of likes and attached photo) and also share a particular livefeed to his Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook Share Create, upload and share diary entry on Facebook, the diary entry will be added into the livefeed to allow other team members and administrators view. At same time, the GPS feature will capture the exact location of where the diary entry is uploaded. Share a diary entry within B1G1 Capturing Moments mobile application to the Worthy Cause Team members's Facebook newsfeed.