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=Final Presentation Photo taken on 3 Dec 2012=
=Final Presentation Photo taken on 3 Dec 2012=
Image:Final Presentation Photo.JPNG<br/>

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Team Mission

Our Mission
  • We are motivated to make corporate social responsibility THE NEXT BIG CHANGE
  • We are dedicated to fulfill our promised responsibilities to the best of our abilities with utmost quality to our sponsor through our product and services
  • We are sincere in making our product user friendly for the administrators, B1G1 Businesses and Worthy Cause Team Members
  • We hope that our product can in turn produce a positive impression to potential and existing B1G1 Businesses to donate to projects that are in need of more funding
  • We believe in making a difference and are serious in creating a greater awareness to B1G1's worthy cause projects by bringing out meaningful information for B1G1 Businesses
  • Our Inspiration

    Our Inspiration

    We are deeply inspired by our sponsor, Masami Sato, from Buy1Give1, to help volunteers that are on the ground to capture pictures of their respective worthy cause projects. This in turn can help existing and potential donors to be updated with events that are happening in the respective worthy cause projects of interest which thus simulates further possible giving.

    Our Stakeholders and Mentors

    Final Presentation Photo taken on 3 Dec 2012

    Image:Final Presentation Photo.JPNG