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Jiang Yi Zao's Reflections


Firstly, let me describe how we took the project up. It was around March 2012 when we started hunting for possible FYP projects. We went to several potential sponsors and to seek project opportunities. We came across B1G1's past FYP post on Wiki and very intrigued by how it works. In the end we decide to choose B1G1 as our FYP sponsor because our team felt the industry B1G1 involved is beneficial to society and more meaningful to the group who needs help. We contacted Masami for several info session interactions and discussed about current and future SMU FYP projects with them. The following April, May and June were very painful brainstorming session. We have various ideas to help B1G1 in different perspectives. Finally we came up with project 'Captureing Moments' aimed to help volunteers better communicate and share within same organisation.

Our team is a 'Learning to learn' team. We all don't have so much background or experience before but we are willing to share our thoughts within the team and with sponsor also. FYP is definitely more about teamwork. It is a long journey so we need to better understand each other's working and communication style. This will help the entire team to be efficient.

I have learnt that a good team is "good management" rather than "everyone is good". Project management, time management, conflict management, meeting management, sponsor expectation management,team member relationship management...All these will turn out to a good team in the sense. Since it is the first time doing a project with real client, I learned about the importance of communication with client. It is efficient for the entire team to have meeting with client regularly every week because client might have minor changes. If we misunderstand her requirement or stay outdated from her side, we waste our time and have risk delay project progress.

FYP was nevertheless a fun journey and recalling those hilarious moments still bring a smile even while I am writing this and cramming for exams. Myself, as I believe the team, nothing can describe how I feel proud being a part of the team in developing a application that will benefit hundreds and thousands after its eventually official launch.