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Project Overview

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Singaporean's Definition of Spree

Consolidation of a mass order for an online merchant, usually by an individual who wishes to purchase some items from a particular merchant, and hopes to reduce the cost of shipping by spreading the cost over more items.

Role of Organizer - Open Sprees to take in orders. When Spree is closed, organizer will make purchase from Merchant, and ship items to their address. After which, organizer will repack items and re-distribute to all participants of the spree.

Role of Participants - Submit orders for a particular merchant in a spree. Make payment to the organizer for items he/she wishes to purchase.

Why People Spree?

  • Merchant do not have a store front in Singapore

  • High Shipping Cost. It is more cost effective to spread the cost of shipping over more items.

  • Merchants do not accept Foreign Credit Cards. People would need to engage concierge services, which charges about 5% of the total cost of the items for every order placed with a particular merchant. It would also be more cost effective to spread the concierge service charges amongst the participants

  • Merchant do not ship directly to Singapore. In order to get the items from the merchant, one would need to engage courier services such as Vpost, Borderlinx and Comgateway which provides you with a US/UK/China address. Afterwhich, one may proceed to place the order with the merchant for the item to be shipped to the given address, which would then be forwarded to your address in Singapore. Since not everybody has an account, they would choose to join sprees to get the items they want from the particular merchant.

Comparison of Current Spree Platforms

Spree Comparison Table with D2T9.jpg

The Beginning
People started spree-ing on Forums and blogs.
As these platforms already have a large communnity of like-minded people, it was easy to gather groups of people to consolidate purchases from a particular merchant.
People would rally together to buy items from overseas merchant, so the cost of shipping the items to Singapore could be spread over more people, reducing the burden of having to pay a high price to ship items over.
Now, people could get items that they cannot find locally, or purchase items from overseas merchant online, that cost alot more locally. Thus, the era of Spree-ing begins...

The Copycat
The Spree community in Singapore has grown over the years. Today, we can see people organizing new Sprees everyday!
ST701 saw this potential, and wanted a slice of the pie in this Spree community as well.
They added a Spree section on their site.
However, as of 21st September 2012, they have closed down their Spree section.
They did not manage to get people to Spree on their site, as their model was no different from what was already available on the fourms.
Furthermore, their very tight guidelines and rules formed as a huge barrier for people to join them.

Spree Organizers going Solo
Organizing sprees is a tedious process, but it is pretty lucrative as well.
Spree organizers do get to earn some money from organizing sprees. Hence, this lead to a couple setting up their own Spree site.
They got developers to develop their own spree managment tools for them, to help them manage sprees easily.
Unfortunately, this Spree mangement tool is not open for the public, and everyone else do not have the luxury of using it.

D2T9 to the rescue!
Hence, D2T9 aims to help the Spree industry.
We will provide Spree management tools, for ALL to use.
Furthermore, we will provide a redefined shopping experience, where spree participants can use our "Tag & Bag" plugin to shop!
Gone will be the days where they need to fill up forms manually, which is cumbersome, and subjected to many errors.
Also, our platform allow users to go social through sharing of items they see on the online merchant shops, to entice others to buy as well!

Our Motivation

Limited by the brands that are being imported in Singapore, many of us flock to shop online to get our hands on items that cannot be found in Singapore. Also, because prices of many international brands found in Singapore are being marked up greatly, most prefer to purchase these items online to seal the best deals.

However, due to steep shipping costs incurred, it may not be so worthwhile to buy the items online after all. Hence, this motivates people to start sprees where orders are aggregated to one bulk purchase so that the shipping costs are split amongst the involved parties.

However, the current situation for sprees in Singapore is mostly unregulated and disorganized. Managing these sprees is a manual and tedious affair. Also, providing ESCROW service would ease the payment process.

We aim to redesign the online social shopping experience, making it such an easy and simple process that it becomes an extension of yourself. Shopping as a group will be done effortlessly without the hassle, so that the joy of the retail experience can shine through untainted by any unwanted issues. If possible, we would be filling the gap in the current spree market, and adding a social element to spree-ing!