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User Testing 1

User Testing Details

Our User Testing 1 was conducted on two separate occasions

  • 28 September 2012 - in SIS building
  • 1 October 2012 - at Fort Canning Park


  1. To verify the ease of use
  2. To verify how appealing the User Interface looks
  3. To gather information on features users would like


  1. Greet the user.
  2. Instructions document to be given to the user.
  3. Brief use on the objective of the UAT.
  4. Pre-test Questionnaire to be given to the user.
  5. Mobile user to download and install application on phone.*
  6. Mobile Test to test application using Mobile Test Plan / Web user to test website using Web Test Plan.
  7. Observe and record user expressions, and if user is able to move around the application/ website without guidance
  8. Post-test Questionnaire to be given to the user.
  9. Thank the user.


Instructions for Mobile User
Instructions for Website User


2 Sets of questionnaires were given to the users : Pre-test Questionnaire & Post-test Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Mobile User
Questionnaire for Website User


In all, we had 37 testers for our User Testing 1.


Bugs Found


User Testing 2

User Testing 3