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Project Description

Gr8Quest is a outdoor treasure hunt application that aims to bring people together for Treasure Hunt Quests. Leveraging on the use of a web portal, it allows registered members to create clues, create and publish their own treasure hunt quests and invite members to participate in their quests. Using an android mobile application, players can select quests, compete with other teams and publish their photos on a social network site - Facebook.

Why Gr8Quest ?

Before starting this project, we survey 380 participants from various age groups and locations.


Through the survey, we found out that there is a group of people who enjoying playing treasure hunt games.

Furthermore, we found 2 other competitors : Geocache and Tourality which has got a market for android users.

Target Group

- Android users
- People who enjoy taking photos
- People who enjoy playing treasure hunt games
- Aged 8 onwards


- Fun
- Passionate about Entrepreneurship
- Opportunity to create and market application on our own
- Able to bond people, allowing them to reminisce the olden days with improved technology
- Good Business Model


- Outreach : To have at least 400 downloads
- Testers : To have at least 100 testers for UAT 2
- Interesting : Taking photos, Badges for achievement


Sponsors Benjamin Tio & Victor Heng
- work with the team in producing and marketing the application
- provide feedback and suggestions for improvement

Supervisor Li Yingjiu
- provide constant and timely feedback to the team

Project Objectives

- Social Platform
- Usability
- Scalability
- Challenging
- Fun


Mobile Application : An android application which would be deployed into Google Play which allows users to download the application to play.
Web Portal : A web application that would be deployed on a domain hosted by our sponsors (gr8quest.com).