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[[Media:TM_16__-_8_OCT_2012.doc|Team Meeting 16 (08/10/2012)]]<br/>
[[Media:TM_16__-_8_OCT_2012.doc|Team Meeting 16 (08/10/2012)]]<br/>
[[Media:TM_17__-_9_OCT_2012.doc|Team Meeting 17 (09/10/2012)]]<br/>
[[Media:TM_17__-_9_OCT_2012.doc|Team Meeting 17 (09/10/2012)]]<br/>
[[Media:TM_25__-_3_DEC_2012.doc|Team Meeting 25 (03/12/2012)]]<br/>
[[Media:TM_26__-_4_DEC_2012.doc|Team Meeting 26 (04/12/2012)]]<br/>

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View our Schedule

Schedule Summary



Bug Metric

Objective : To ensure an error-free application

Our bug metric is calculated at the end of every iteration.

Bug Metric File

Test Plan

This is the test plan that we would be using to test for bugs during every iteration.

Test Plan File

Schedule Metric

Objective : To improve schedule estimation accuracy

Our Schedule Metric is calculated at the end of every iteration.

Schedule Metric File


Risk Assessment


Risks & Mitigation Strategy

S/No Type of Risk Risk Statement Impact Level Likelihood Risk Assessment Mitigation Strategy
1 Resource Risk Insufficient android phones during development and testing High High A
  • Plan user testing early and inform sponsors
  • Borrow from friends for user testing
  • Purchase phones by team
2 Resource Risk Insufficient users with android phones during user testing High High A
  • Provide testers with android mobile phones
  • Group them in teams with 1 user having android phone
  • Enquire on testers’ phones prior to user testing to prepare
3 Technical Risk Software updating its version causing functions to stop working High Low B
  • Halt development to tackle issue
  • Team members to research and help out


- Microsoft Visual Studio
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Android SDK
- Eclipse Helios
- Adobe Photoshop

- Google Play
- Microsoft Azure

- Dropbox
- Google Docs
- IS480 Wikipedia
- Email

- Microsoft Project
- Microsoft Visio