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Rainbow Solutions

Rainbow Solutions is building a Q-Ticket Mobile Application for Supreme Court of Singapore. This solution would enhance the lawyers’ efficiency and productivity by reducing the waiting time and be better informed about the Queue Status and Hearing List. This application also allows Lawyers to stay up-to-date through RSS feeds about the latest developments in the law industry.


Team Members

Roles and Responsibilities

Chen.jpg Chen Chen [1] Project Manager Quality Assurance Manager
  • Responsible for overall project planning and execution
  • Plan, prepare and facilitate weekly project meetings.
  • Design test plans and test cases based on project requirements
  • Working closely with Lead Developer to rigorously test product functionality
Haja.jpg Haja Mohaideen [2] Lead Developer Assistant Project Manager
  • Responsible for programming of main application in various smartphone operating systems
  • Integrate new environments with current back-end architectures.
  • Working closely with Project Manager and Business Analyst in delivering the software product.
  • Monitor and improve the performance of the system on server.
546395 10150748891784735 248243819 n.jpg Jasper Soh Bi Yu [3] User Interface Engineer IT Business Analyst
  • Working closely with Lead Developer and QA Manager in developing new user interfaces
  • Optimizing and maintaining the current and future UI
  • Translate client's needs into technical solutions
  • Responsible for main documentations including various technical and business diagrams.
Topher.jpg Jasper Soh Bi Yu [4] IT Business Analyst Business Relationship Manager
  • Analyze information needs by using interview with business customer(s).
  • Proactively communicate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Prepare and manage performance measurement
  • Works closely with business analyst on delivering business requirement case to lead developer
Wilfred.jpg Wilfred Phua Wei Lun [5] Quality Assurance Manager Smartphone OS Specialist
  • Prepare quality documentations and reports.
  • Responsible for quality assurance product as set by requirements from business customer(s).
  • Develop software in various smartphone operating system.
  • Ensure compliance with iOS and Android design principles.


Team Goals

Project Scope

Project Description

The focus of our project is to create mobile queue booking application by leveraging on location based service technology which will enable the lawyers to do self-check-in while within a pre-defined radius from the building.


Currently the Queue services available for Lawyers are accessed through the Kiosk at the Supreme Court. This is a problem as Lawyers have to go to the Kiosk physically to register and wait near the Kiosk to check the queue status and access the hearing lists. There is a lot of waiting time as they do not know the timing of their hearing. By having a mobile application, the waiting time is reduced as they will be better informed of the status. This would increase the lawyers’ efficiency and productivity. Supreme Court is interested to invest in applications for Mobile Platforms as the trend is moving towards mobile.

Project Timeline

X Factor


  • Outcomes: Mobile Web Application that is able to be deployed on Multiple Platforms, i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
  • Value Statement: Efficient Queue System with increased efficiency and productivity
  • Functions:
    • Explore using location services using GPS, LBS and GYRO
    • User Authentication - Provide Simple user authentication password-based challenge to the intended audience (lawyers), pre-registration to identify the audience might be required.
    • Check-in queue registration within radius from Supreme Court Building (user-defined setting: expected distance from 100m to 1km)
    • Provide a mean for user to verify the authenticity of the digital queue ticket (virtual ticket) generated
    • Access to hearing lists
    • Enquire on the queue status
    • Provision of RSS News feeds, share the info (e.g. to Facebook or twitter) with colleagues
    • Way Finder – to provide direction to Supreme Court building
    • Enhanced Way Finder - to use Augmented Reality to provide real-time direction with Google Street images.

Process Flow


Project Progress Summary

Project Highlights

Our Journey

Our Achievements

Project Management

Schedule Overview


Project Schedule (Plan vs Actual)

Detailed Project Schedule

Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Bug Metrics

Bug Metrics

Project Risks

Technical Complexity

Challenges Faced

Quality of Product

Project Deliverable



User Acceptance Testing


Learning Outcome

Team Reflection

Individual Reflection

Supervisor Reflection

Client Reflection