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The Five Wonders




About Flauntpage Limited Liability Partnership

We are a young consulting company that bridges businesses to enterprise-level applications. Enterprise applications today are behemoths created by rocket scientists that are expensive to maintain, and less efficient for end-users. Our vision is to build enterprise applications that are simple and usable.

The team has close to 10 years of experience in areas of web usability design, application development and business process re-engineering. In short, we know what works for you. Project Butterscotch is our first flagship SAAS application that seeks to change the way businesses manage their hiring process.


  • Kris Kong : Partner of FlauntPage Limited Liability Partnership who initiated this project to the school. He is the point-of-contact between FPLLP and the team.
  • Wong Cheok Lup : Partner of FlauntPage Limited Liability Partnership.