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Learning Outcomes (LOMS)

Individual Reflection

No. Description Expected Learning Outcome
1. Integration of business & technology in a sector context
1.1 Business IT value linkage skills The ability to identify and analyze a business process and adopting Software as a Service (SAAS) model to achieve their business objectivities.
2. IT architecture, design and development skills
2.1 System requirements specification skills Gathered client’s requirement to analyze and propose relevant functionalities.
2.2 Implementation skills Develop and test our project by performing User Acceptance Tests to adhere to client’s expectation.
2.3 Technology application skills Learning a new framework and various programming language to develop the project

- Play! framework
- Twitter bootstrap

3. Project Management Skills
3.1 Scope Management Skills Managed project scope by writing user/business requirements and negotiate with stakeholders to deliver a quality application within the timeframe.
3.2 Risks Management Skills Identify and monitor the occurrence of risks and implement mitigations plans to reduce the impact of these risks.
3.3 Project Integration & Time Management Skills Identify milestones of the project and make use of metrics to ensure good progress of the team.
3.4 Configuration Management Skills Maintain good naming conventions for the revision of codes.
3.5 Quality Management Skills Perform User Acceptance Test (UAT) and gather user’s feedback to make required changes.
4. Learning to Learn Skills
4.1 Search skills Sourcing for useful framework and languages to aid our development of project.
5. Collaboration (or team) skills
5.1 Skills to improve the effectiveness of group processes and work products Portray effective communication among team member and conduct sharing sessions to ensure that everyone’s is focused and pleased with the team’s progress.
6. Communication Skills
6.1 Presentation skills Presentations to supervisors and stakeholders on the progress of the project as well as school’s project presentations that happen throughout the duration of project.
6.2 Writing skills Documentation for project management and other documents as well as the updating of Wiki’s Page.