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Scope & Deliverables



Our web application will be developed using JAVA language and based on the Play framework. We chose Play framework because it is scalable and it allows any standard JAVA library to be used.

Special Features:
Manage resumes Drag & Drop function for customization of resumes.
Manage Job Posts Companies are able to tag job posts with keywords to enable easy archiving.
Manage Job Application Filter received job applications based on tags and keywords.
Apply Job Job seekers can preview resumes and cover letters prior to sending them to companies.
Job seekers can send resumes and cover letters to companies who did not sign up with FlauntPage via the 'Send Email' function.

No. Deliverables
1 Multi-platform web application with web pages being cross-browser compatible, except IE 6.
2 Fully functional web application built using java language, through the use of Play Framework, that will be deployed and tested with two UAT phases. Database to be setup using MySQL.
3 Detailed Project Management related documentation (e.g. Schedule, Minutes of Meeting, etc.)
4 Comprehensive technical documentation (e.g. Use Case, System Sequence Diagrams, etc.)
5 IS480 Requirements – Project Acceptance, Interim, Mid-Term, Final Presentation & Poster Day.

The end product of our project is to deliver a fully functional recruitment web application with the integration of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, that will simplify the recruitment process and job seeking process for both companies and jobseekers respectively. Our web application will be deployed on Ubuntu server.

Job Seeker Oriented
Web Platform:

  • User account module – Allow job seeker to create account, update account password and manage profile information.
  • Resume module – Allow job seeker to create and edit resumes which were created using the web application. Job seeker can export resumes saved within the web application as a PDF file. Apply ‘Drag and Drop’ function.
  • Cover letter module – Allow job seeker to create and edit which were created using the web application. Job seeker can export cover letters saved within the web application as a PDF file. Apply ‘Drag and Drop’ function.
  • Apply job module – Job seeker can apply for a job directly, and his/her desired resume and cover letter will be sent to the company offering the job.
  • Job history module – Job seeker can view all the job postings which he/she had previously applied.

Company Oriented
Web Platform:

  • User account module – Allow company to create primary and secondary accounts, update account password, manage profile information and sign up for a subscription package.
  • Job posting module – Allow company to create, edit and view job postings. Company can download all resumes and cover letters which were received for a specific job posting in PDF format.
  • Collaborative review module – Allow more than one HR personnel from the company to collaboratively review all resumes or cover letters of job applicants by posting comments.
  • Job application module – Companies can manage all resumes and cover letters received for each job posting.

Admin Oriented

  • Deactivate account module – Allows administrator to deactivate accounts which do not comply to regulations.
  • Subscription package management – Allows administrator to create subscription packages and update package related information.
  • Job post management – Allows administrator to remove job postings which contain inappropriate content.


The unique selling points of our project lie mainly in the following aspects:

  • Business proposition with the adoption of the Software as a Service (SaaS) Model.
  • Employing the SaaS model brings about cost-savings for recruitment companies, as it brings about HR process automation.
  • Provide more hiring control to job seekers, through increase direct interactions with the company, without intermediaries.
  • Better usability which simplifies the recruitment process for both companies and job seekers.