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<font size="4" color="#00275E"><b>Resume - Header</b></font><br>
<font size="4" color="#00275E"><b>Resume - Header</b></font><br>
[[Image:Resume Header.png | 500px]]
[[Image:Resume Header.png | 500px]]
Click here to download:
<li> Test Cases (Internal): [[Media:One-hit Wonder Test Cases (Internal).xlsx | One-hit Wonder Internal Test Cases]]
<li>UT 1 Test Cases/ Feedback form (For testers):[[Media:UT1 One-hit Wonder (Final).pdf | One-hit Wonder UT1 Test Cases]]
<li>UT 1 Results and Analysis:[[Media:OHW-UT1 Result.xlsx | UT 1 Results]]

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User Test 1

User Testing 1


Here are some of the feedback collected from our User Testing 1:

"What do you like/dislike most in our application"
Like Dislike
Simple to use Special features not informed
Clean and clear user interface Too many fields, messy
Features are useful and nice Lack guidance/instructions
Properly sets things into PDF format in a nice manner Dubious looking due to lack of advertisements
"Provide honest feedback and comments on how we can better improve"
No. Feedback
1 More flexibility in creation of documents
2 Search function
3 Simple demo/tutorial for new users
4 Interface can be more colourful
5 More infomation provided from Company
Results - User Testing 1

Results1 UT1.jpg Results2 UT1.jpg

Improvements - User Testing 1

Homepage (Before , After)
Homepage - Before.png Homepage - After.png
Job Opportunities (Before , After)
Job Opportunities - Before.png Job Opportunities - After.png
Resume - Header
Resume Header.png
Click here to download: