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Technical Complexity

Technical complexity of the task/function are shown below:

No Task/ Function Description
1 Play! Framework
  • Besides the knowledge on the MVC framework, our team did not have any previous background knowledge on utilising frameworks in the development of web applications.
  • Play community is still new.
  • Their documentation is not entirely completed
  • Difficult to find solutions to problems online
  • Help found was on previous versions however we are using the newer version of the framework
  • Compatibility between Twitter Bootstrap
2 Implementation of resume creation
  • Creation of additional fields in the resume form is difficult to implement due to the constraint of the play framework
  • Resume form is made up of many forms embedded in it, this increased the complexity of the creation of additional fields in the resume form, as it is harder to process the request in the back-end
  • Team spent a considerable large amount of time trying to resolve the issue
3 Cross browser support
  • Need to detect the version and type of browser user is currently using
  • Images and layouts have to be fluid enough so as to provide optimum and similar display settings across all browsers
Quality of Product
Feature Implemented Description
Customization of Resume (Part 1)
  • Job seekers are able to rearrange the different components of their resume into the sequence they like
  • Versioning of resumes
  • Job seekers are able to change the naming of each components in the resume form.
Formatting of Resume Information
  • After job seekers enter information in the resume form, all data are formatted into a PDF upon a click
Interactive User Interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Clean and sleek layout
  • Helps users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors
System Feedback
  • Keep users informed about what is going on
  • Indicative pop-out messages after user completes a major action
  • Client side validation helps in error prevention. It also provides user with instant feedback if there is an error in the input data
Immediate Deliverables
Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes Team Meeting: Minutes 1-18
Supervisor Meeting: Minutes 1-5
Client Meeting: Minutes 1-7
Requirements Storyboard UI Mock Ups
Analysis Use Case Use Case Diagram & Descriptions
Design System Architecture Diagram System Architecture Diagram
Database Diagram Logical Diagram & ERD
Heuristic Evaluation Heuristic Evaluation Feedback Report One-hit Wonder Heuristic Evaluation Report
User Testing 1 UT 1 (Internal) Test Cases One-hit Wonder Internal Test Cases
UT1 Test Cases & Overall Experience Feedback (For Testers) One-hit Wonder UT1 Test Cases
UT 1 Results and Analysis UT 1 Results
Slides FYP Mid-Term Presentation Slides One-hit Wonder Mid-Term Presentation Slides


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