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After the acceptance, our team realised that some of the risks which were previously identified during the acceptance phase were successfully mitigated, while others still remain relevant, although there is a change in the likelihood of them happening. In addition, our team has also identified potential risks which might arise due to the complexity of the upcoming core functionalities.

As the semester progresses, our team starts to experience the heavy workload of juggling FYP with other assignments and modules, for instance, midterms and other project deadlines. Hence, we included this as a risk that has both high likelihood and impact.

Resolved Risks:

No. Type of Risk Risk Statement Likelihood (H/M/L) Impact Mitigation Strategy / Contingency Plan Status
1 Technical Difficulty in implementing customizable template for job seekers to drag and drop content into the template Low Low Team already tried Jquery Drag & Drop feature & implemented it under Resume function. (Not a huge risk to the team for late implementation) Mitigated
2 External Due to similar applications launch in the market, there might be unexpected change of requirements by sponsor Medium Low Fortnightly update/meeting with sponsor – Kris Kong & Wong Cheok Lup Controlled
3 Technical Team is unfamiliar with the new framework - Play! Framework Low Low
Set aside more time to code Mitigated

Potential Risks Ahead:

No. Type of Risk Risk Statement Likelihood (H/M/L) Impact Mitigation Strategy / Contingency Plan
Schedule Risk
1 Technical Schedule. Team members are busy with school work High
Plan ahead and make sure that all team members are comfortable with the work load and free to meet on the dates scheduled. Team members to encourage each other and make extra effort to accommodate to each other and keep in pace with the schedule. Set weekly compulsory meeting dates.
Scope Risk
2 Internal Project scope is too big Medium High
  • Discuss with clients and supervisor on our scope
  • Priortise the more important functions that can value-add our application
Technical Risk
3 Technical Search function. Team is unfamiliar with the implementation techniques. Medium High
  • Set aside time for exploration of techniques
  • Insert buffer for this implementation
4 Technical Instant resume template. Difficult and time-consuming to implement because need to create CSS from scratch. Medium Medium
  • Scheduled for early implementation to prevent delay
  • Include buffer time for this implementation
5 Technical Deployment. Deploying to client server may affect the functioning of certain parts of the application. Medium High Always deploy in advance (1 week before) & test run the application.