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Team Reflection

Teamwork and communication

Throughout the entire FYP journey, we have a fair share of ups and downs. Each of us has our own capabilities and opinions that, often than not, lead us to disagreements. Fortunately, we were able to calm down and resolve the entire issues as a team by engaging in open discussion. Thus, every individual is encouraged to voice out his/her opinions so as to minimize conflicts and misunderstandings among the team. This greatly helps us better in the allocation of works and reduces unnecessary stress by utilising each individual’s strength. In short, we had learnt that ‘it’s not the destination that’s important, it’s the journey’ that make us understand each other better and bond us together.

Technical Skills

Having known that we have to use a new framework – Play! at the initial stage of our project was a ‘nightmare’ for all of us. As we had never heard or know how it works upon accepting this project. However, after much research online and hand-on session, we began to understand the logics behind the algorithm and started to build our system from scratch. Thus, we are now more confident in using the new framework and technical risk for our project has become relatively low along the process. In addition, we had also learnt how to better design the architecture of our database and user interface to meet the needs of our clients for future expansion and scalability.

Scope Management

As a team, we would provide creative ideas for our clients so as to constantly improve our current features. However, we have also learnt to manage both our client and supervisor’s expectations by prioritizing the importance and changes to the scope of our project. Therefore, the learning point as a team would be to consistently adapt our expectation to the additional or changes of our project scope.

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Vivian's Reflection

FYP has indeed been a challenging yet rewarding journey for me. I have learnt that what’s important in a team is not just the expertise of each individual but, the continuous support from each other that kept us going! Along the way, we faced both technical and project management obstacles yet it’s through all these that bonded us and taught us to better express ourselves to one another. Hence, effective communication is one of the important takeaways I have honed.

Last but not least, I am thankful that we survived and walked through the whole journey together as a team. I am certain that every single one of us have somehow developed some interpersonal and technical skills along the way which will greatly help us in the future.

And, I believe our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.

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Shuya's Reflection

It’s one of the most wonderful journey I have had in SMU.

8 Months, 5 members and 1 project, finally we kept our promise to the clients.

It’s one of the toughest task I have in SMU. From summer internship till tight school term, from documentary to coding, I took baby steps, learned and grew.

It’s one of the most treasurable memories I have in SMU. My teammates didn’t give up on me; instead, they listened, they talked and they tried their best to find a way to help me out. The wonderful color of our team logo makes us stand out, and it also always remind all of us this quote “Rainbow comes after a storm”.

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Kangya's Reflection

Our 5 months journey is finally coming to an end. Can’t believe that we managed to survive this tough and challenging but nonetheless fulfilling journey.

Other than the technical and project management skills, I guess the most important element that I took away from FYP is responsibility. Everyone had a role to play in this project and we learnt to be responsible for the jobs assigned to us. This is an essential skill that is required of us when we all step out into the working world.

Last but not least, I sure hope that we One-hit Wonder had made an impression and some form of wonders through these 5 months of hard work. It sure has been a long and tiring journey, but I’m glad that we have made it till the end. Good luck to all for your future endeavors.

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Jia Yi's Reflection

My long and challenging final year project journey is finally coming to an end.

Throughout the journey, I realized the importance of upholding one’s responsibility in completing the delegated tasks. Every role in the team plays an important part, it is vital for each team members to appreciate the efforts of another member.

With appreciation and cooperation, our team has finally progressed towards the finishing line. It has been an enriching experience for me. This journey taught me the importance of independent learning and team bonding.

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Krisabelle's Reflection

No doubt, these 5 months haven't been easy for anyone taking FYP, but I think it was an experience that all of us would gladly take home.

What I feel proud of the most is that through all the obstacles the team faced, we didn't give up on the project, neither did we give up on one another. Instead, we learnt to cheer each other on when it's difficult and shown appreciation for everyone's effort, no matter big or small. We've bonded as though we are a family.

It wasn't easy for there were different requirements coming at us, from the course and from the clients. But it was an experience that is real and it helped us to see and prepare for what's coming for us once we step out of school. I'm very glad that our supervisor and sponsors have stood by us throughout the 5 months and have given us all the encouragement and guided us to our destination. Thank you Jason, Kris and Cheok Lup.

I am very glad that FlauntPage has evolved from nothing to the stage it is now, with all the interactive features. It was built with our sweat and hard work, and it's value is beyond a wonderful creation. I hope that FlauntPage would carry out its purpose, in benefiting those who need it, much like myself.

Finally, I've learnt so much from the project, but the most important lesson, is to keep learning. Never stop the learning process because there's so many things out there that you would need to know, so many skills that you need to possess and so many knowledge you need to gain. Keep learning, and never give up easily.

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Sponsor's Comments

An average team delivers a product.

A rock star team delivers a dream.

One-hit Wonder not only developed our dream product but also provided many fresh perspectives that help shape the business. In many ways, the team has exceeded my expectations as a sponsor. They are indeed rock stars!

- Kris Kong

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