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[[IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_One-hit_Wonder_Final_Wiki_Project_Progress_:_Highlights | <font color="#000000">Project Progress</font>]]
[[IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_One-hit_Wonder_Final_Wiki_Project_Progress_:_Highlights | <font color="#ffffff">Project Progress</font>]]
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Project Progress

Project Management

Quality of Product

Usability Study


Slides and Poster

Project Highlights

Project Challenges

Project Achievements

1 “Instant” resume template

Team had made major changes to the resume template by allowing jobseekers to type their information instantly on the template to give them an overall idea of how their resume will look like upon completion. In addition, we had also incorporated both the drag and drop and sort function to improve the user experience in creating their resume.

2 Collaborative Review features

Team had completed all collaborative review functionalities (i.e creates secondary users and comment) that allow the HR and hiring department in the company to communicate more effectively in the hiring process.

3 Search feature

Team had implemented a basic search function to aid the company’s side user search for suitable candidates based on the keyword(s) entered.