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Team had made major changes to the resume template by allowing jobseekers to type their information instantly on the template to give them an overall idea of how their resume will look like upon completion. In addition, we had also incorporated both the drag and drop and sort function to improve the user experience in creating their resume.


Team had completed all collaborative review functionalities (i.e creates secondary users and comment) that allow the HR and hiring department in the company to communicate more effectively in the hiring process.


Team had implemented a basic search function to aid the company’s side user search for suitable candidates based on the keyword(s) entered.

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Project Challenges

Play! Framework

Having adopted Play! Framework for several months, there’s still so much to learn and understand how it is compatible with our application. The Play! Community is still new and help (tutorial, documentation) provided online was either not complete or based on the previous version. Hence, a lot of customisation is required in the jquery/ javascript portion to ensure consistency in the layout of our application.

Managing client’s request

One of our biggest challenges was to implement the various features and functions set by our client at the initial stage. Yet, due to technical complexities as well as adding value to our client’s requirements, the team had regular meetings or follow up via emails to communicate frequently with our clients.

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Project Achievements

Getting feedbacks from real company/ hiring consultant on how our application will value-add their hiring process

To better understand how useful our application is in the market, our team found Richemont Luxury (Singapore) Pte Ltd and an experience hiring consultant who has worked in a few recruitment firms before for our user testing 2. From the interview, we had a better perspective on how receptive MNCs and SMEs are towards our application (whether they are willing to use it etc); which allows us to better understand who can be our further target audiences.

Pleasant Relationship with Client

Our team built strong rapport with our client. Throughout the course of this project, we strive to place the client’s needs as the heart of our project while balancing and managing the scope of the project. We believe the importance of a healthy and professional working relationship with our client. Hence the collaboration with our client was a pleasant and enriching one.

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