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Project Management

Planned VS. Actual Timeline

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Click [here] to view our detailed project schedule.

Project Status

Features Functions Status Remarks
Login CRUD Manual Login Page Fully deployed and tested
Oauth and Data Extraction from LinkedIn Dropped Team tried and faced many difficulties in extracting useful in-depth data from LinkedIn, hence decided to drop the function and proceed with other more value-added functions such as "Search".
Manage Account Create Sign-Up Page Fully deployed and tested
CRU Profile Page Fully deployed and tested
Create 'Deactivate Account' Function Fully deployed and tested
Create 'Forget Password' Function Fully deployed and tested
Manage Resume CRUD Resume (Standard Template) Page Fully deployed and tested
Create Resume Page with Drag and Drop Fully deployed and tested
Create Instant Resume Template Fully deployed and tested
Create 'Sorting of Resume Sequence' Function Fully deployed and tested
Manage Job Post CRUD Job Post Page Fully deployed and tested
Manage Cover Letter CRUD Cover Letter Page Fully deployed and tested
Apply Job Create, View and Apply Job with PDF Documents (Resume & Cover Letter) Fully deployed and tested
Create 'Send Resume to External Company via Email' Function Fully deployed and tested
Manage Job Application Review Applicants added with 'Call for Interview' Function Fully deployed and tested
Create 'Request for Change of Interview Date' Function Fully deployed and tested Added function to enhance hiring process
Search & Sort Create Sort Function Fully deployed and tested Added function to enhance user experience
Create Search Function Fully deployed and tested "Tag & Filter" function was dropped and replaced with "Search" which is more value-adding
Collaborative Review CRUD Secondary Account Fully deployed and tested
Create Comment Function Fully deployed and tested

* "Manage Subscription Package" function dropped. Refer to the following table for detailed explanation.

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Planned VS. Actual Schedule

The following table highlighted our planned vs actual schedule since midterm.

Iteration Planned Actual Remarks
7 Start Date: 09/10/2012

End Date: 21/10/2012

  • Amend changes from Mid-Term feedback
  • Implementation:
  1. Search & Sort: Search function
  2. Collaborative review: Manage secondary account (Access rights)
  3. Manage subscription package (Admin)
Start Date: 09/10/2012

End Date: 21/10/2012

  • Implementation:
  1. Search & sort: Search function
  2. Manage resume: Create "Instant" resume template and incorporate with drag & drop function
  3. Collaborative Review: Create secondary account & send email to secondary user
  4. Manage Job Application: Create 'request for change of interview date' function
Task(s) eliminated:

Manage subscription package


  • Team decided to develop most of the remaining functions in this iteration so as to reduce the risk of facing technical issues which can be resolved earlier and busy schedule.
  • Team decided to eliminate the manage subscription package function and focused more time on main functionalities like search, manage resume function and to improve the process flow of 'request for change of interview date' function.
8 Start Date: 22/10/2012

End Date: 04/11/2012
(User Testing 2)

  • UT 2 Preparation
  • Implementation:
  1. Send email to secondary user
  2. Manage comments
  3. Improve UI
Start Date: 22/10/2012

End Date: 04/11/2012

  • Implementation:
  1. Collaborative Review: Manage comments
  2. Manage account: Forget password
  • Amend changes from client & supervisor meeting
  1. Generate public URL for job post page
  2. Allow company to send mulitiple requests for change of interview date to jobseeker
  3. Search function: search for keywords under job position (change of workflow)
  4. Improve user interface of the resume page
  5. Minor touch up on collaborative review function
Task(s) delayed:

User Testing 2


  • Team decided to delay UT2 to the start of the next iteration, so as to allow ourselves sufficient time to test the whole application before launching it to our testers.
  • Add-on (Client's request): Generate a public URL where jobseekers are able to search and apply for the job directly via the given URL
9 Start Date: 05/11/2012

End Date: 21/11/2012

  • Amend changes from UT2
  • Design FYP Poster & 1 min pitch
  • Final presentation preparation
  • Final testing and debugging
Start Date: 05/11/2012

End Date: 28/11/2012
(User Testing 2)

  • Amend changes for UT2
  • Debug search function
  • Add access control for accessibility by various users
  • Final testing and debugging
  • Design FYP Poster & 1 min pitch
  • Final presentation preparation
Task(s) delayed:

No task was delayed; however the team extended 7 days for this iteration.


  • Everyone were busy with the other projects' submission. Hence, the PM decided to use up the buffer time to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the work load.
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Schedule Metric

Schedule Metric
Schedule analysis 0-9.png

In general, the cause of delay for the whole project was mainly due to the technical difficulties faced in implementing the various functionalities. As the team took a fair bit of time at the initial stage of the project, in getting use to the new framework adopted and lot of research was done in term of how we can incorporate Play! framework with Javascript for user interface purpose and MYSQL statement in querying data from the database.

Detailed explanation from iteration 0 - 6 can be viewed here

In iteration 7, the team took 3 days longer than the expected planned duration as the whole team undergoes an implementation phase where we managed to complete most of the remaining functionalities and amends all the necessary changes required by our clients for user testing 2. Despite the delayed, the team feels that it is beneficial for the project in the next 2 iteration, as everyone of us will be busy with other project deadlines and by completing most of the functionalities in this iteration could greatly helped to reduce risks and resolve all technical difficulties earlier.

Due to the fact that there wasn’t much implementation taking place in both iteration 8 & 9, the team managed to accomplish the planned tasks within the estimated duration allocated.

Please click on the various iteration schedule analysis to view the specific cause of each delayed.

Phase Iteration
Inception Iteration 0
Elaboration Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3
Construction Iteration 4
Iteration 5
Iteration 6
Iteration 7
Iteration 8
Transition Iteration 9

Download our detailed schedule tracker here.

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Bug Metric

Bug Metric

Goal: To improve application quality

Qn: How buggy is our application?

Metric: x = Number of unfixed bugs found per iteration

Bug-point Allocation

Severity Description
Low (1 point) Bug does not affect functionality of program. Can be resolved quickly.

Example: Naming conventions, Typo Error, UI misplace, Bugs encountered before, Validation Errors

Medium (5 points) Non-critical functions do not run appropriately. Application as a whole still runs.

Example: AI malfunctioning

Critical (10 points) System is down and errors are cast out during execution. Application does not manage to load or run due to the bug.

Example: Exceptions, Inappropriate database design

Formula: Points calculation: B.I. = 1 * num(low) + 5 * num(medium) + 10 * num(critical)

Bug Index Action Plan
B.I. <= 5 Developer in charge of the task will fix the bug(s) at their own timing.
5 < B.I. < 10 Developer in charge of the task will raise the issue to the team and team members will find a solution for the cause. Lead or Assistant developer will make use of the debugging session to fix the bug.
B.I. >= 10 Team will discontinue coding until bugs are fixed. One or more debugging session is required to fix the bugs. Project Manager needs to review and amend project schedule for the loss of time and re-allocate hours for future tasks.
Bug Analysis.png

In general, our bug metric falls below 10 except for the two peaks that we saw in Iteration 3 and 6. According to our bug index, most of the time we will solve these bugs during our debugging session.

For iteration 3, we had a spike due to a critical error that prevented user from logging into the application. This is a critical issue that required immediate fixation, as the entire application was not accessible.

For iteration 6, the critical error that we faced was when the company tried to navigate to the Interview page, s/he got redirected to the Interview page that was designed for job seeker. This is a critical error as it disrupted the entire workflow of our application.

All bugs have been resolved. Download our detailed list of bugs here.

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Throughout the project, we have identified new risks which might arise and have also successfully mitigated some risks which were previously identified during the acceptance and mid-term phase. However, the greatest risk for the team would be due to the complexity of the functionalities like the creation of an ‘Instant' Resume Template and Search function.

Lastly, when then other projects’ deadlines kick in, the team started to feel the heavy workload to juggle between both FYP and other modules; which was ranked as one of our high probability of occurrence with high impact on the project.

Top 3 risks identified are as follows:

No. Type of Risk Risk Statement Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy / Contingency Plan Status
1 Internal Team members are busy with other modules High High * Ensure that all team members are comfortable with the work load and able to accomplish the task given on the dates scheduled
  • Set weekly compulsory meeting dates early
  • Inform/ seek help from other teammates immediately when faced with difficulties
2 Technical Search function

Team is unfamiliar with the implementation techniques

Medium High * Set aside more time for exploration of techniques and code
  • Team to sit down and discuss a few possible ways/ methods in implementing this function
3 Technical Instant resume template page is difficult to implement

Team need to use alot of additional jQuery plugins to make the resume template interactive, which is very time-consuming

Medium Medium * Schedule for early implementation to prevent delay
  • Research on Plugins in advanced to be familarised with implementation
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