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The following story boards depict the scenarios in a more detailed manner:

Passing-by Storyboard

Story PassingBy.png

The wall will not display anything while it’s on idle and only activate once shoppers walk across the field of view of the Kinect. Once a shopper is captured by Kinect sensor (based on proximity to sensor and degree of deliberate movements), visual display and sound will be played, following shopper as he walks past. There will be random display requesting shoppers to stop to interact with AlterSense

Scratch & Win

When a shopper walks past AlterSense, he may be intrigued by the visualizations that are creating a trail behind him and would pause for 2 seconds. As the visualizations fade away, two characters appear by his side and start engaging him in a conversation. They persuade the shopper to choose between one of them. The shopper would make a decision by performing an action proposed by either character. Promotion will be given at the end of the story and the screen fades out.

For the first story board, shopper chooses Marlon's side by grabbing a spear from Marlon and kills Techy by poking. Promotional stars will then be displayed.

Story TechyMarlon.jpg

For the second story board, shopper chooses Techy's side by grabbing a hat from Techy and puts the hat on shopper's own head. This kills Marlon, hence Marlon disintegrates into ash. Fogs will then cover the screen. Shopper needs to wipe the fog away, then promotional leaflets will be visible.

Story Marlon.jpg