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Risk Management

S/N Risk Statement Impact Likelihood Impact Level Mitigation Strategy Status
Technology & Learning Risk
1 No library available for gender recognition
  • Development is delayed
High High
  • Research on possible ways/algorithms to do gender recognition
  • Devise feasible way to determine gender
  • Learn, modify and integrate algorithm into application
2 Accuracy of gender recognition
  • Development is delayed
High High
  • Add more behaviour traits and characteristics as parameters to determine gender such as shape of clothes, heels elevation
3 No suitable gestures library that we can use
  • Development is delayed
  • Some features may have to be dropped
High High
  • Write our own gesture library
4 Self-written motion gestures may be inaccurate/inconsistent/too difficult to perform.
  • Development is delayed
  • Some features may have to be dropped
High High
  • Gather feedback consistently, assess written gestures and then decide whether to change them.
  • Watch videos of Kinect games to learn how to make better motion gestures.
5 Team is unfamiliar with working with new technology & tools
  • Development is delayed
  • Schedule is affected
High High
  • Allow sufficient time for each member to learn the new technology and tools
  • Arrange weekly sessions to review on progress
Scope Risk
6 Sponsor changes his requirements frequently
  • Core functionalities may not be able to be completed
  • Schedule is affected
Medium Medium
  • Update sponsor consistently with the latest progress of project
  • Develop paper prototypes to ensure sponsor & team are on the same level of agreement
  • Divide huge tasks into smaller features that can be pushed out a weekly basis
7 Team overpromising new features
  • Schedule is affected
Medium Medium
  • Prioritize list of functions in client’s requirements list before coming to an agreement with him
Development Risk
8 There is a critical bug that affects the core functionalities
  • Core functionalities are not working
High High
  • Team will halt current development and focus on debugging
  • Forecast the features able to be completed & inform client of functionalities which cannot be completed
Schedule Risk
9 Team members have other commitments and different priorities
  • Team morale is low
Medium High
  • Communicate & align individual member’s priorities & project priorities together
  • Set clear tasks together as a team every week