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Bug Metrics

Bug metrics are used to ensure the quality of the application by keeping track of the number of bugs that occur during development.
Click to see the details of our bug log: Bug metrics document

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Velocity Metrics

Velocity metrics ensure that our project tasks are completed within the schedule timeframe so that the project deadline can be met. The score is retrieved from Pivotal Tracker, and as the name suggests, measures velocity. Velocity is a measurement of how fast team completes stories (tasks), expressed in the number of points completed per iteration (every two weeks on average). It is believed to be better as it is not calculated based on wishful due dates, but on assigned point values. Pivotal Tracker calculates velocity by averaging the number of points completed over the past few iterations. Hence, based on existing pattern forming the average, the same number of points are taken for upcoming iteration - the past predicts the future.

MOOT schedule metric.png
Iteration-Velocity Progress
No. of
Velocity Remarks
1 17/08/2012 01/09/2012 14 23 N.A.
2 03/09/2012 08/09/2012 5 10 *length of iteration 2 is half of iteration 1
*difficulties in implementing neural network
3 10/09/2012 22/09/2012 12 18
4 24/09/2012 05/10/2012 12 17
5 08/10/2012 19/10/2012 12 17
6 22/10/2012 03/11/2012 12 14

Slight delay due to time spent in securing site and logistics preparation for UT at Plaza Singapura

7 05/10/2012 19/11/2012 14 17