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S/N Functionality Description
Short video, doors & stick man
1 Display short video A short video of a galaxy background is displayed on the screen
2 Detect number of people Detects how many people are standing in front of the screen. If there are 2 or more people, gender recognition and interaction will be pivoted around the main skeleton (closest to the camera)
3 Display instruction to stand still Displays instruction for shopper to stand still for 2 seconds in order to move to the next scene
4 Detect stationary shopper Detects when shopper is stationary for 2 seconds
5 Display shopper’s silhouette Displays an outline of shopper in white against the black galaxy background
6 Display doors and stick man Displays two doors and represent shopper as stick man
7 Shopper's movements reflected on stick man's movement As shopper moves, stick man will move accordingly
8 Insert instruction for choosing door Arrows or notice to inform shopper to choose a door in stick man scene
9 Detect shopper's gesture of choosing door Detects shopper's left or right movement in the direction of the doors
10 Display change in chosen door Show scenery behind door as shopper stands in front of a door: pyramid in Egypt and Eiffel Tower in Paris
11 Display instruction to raise both hands Display instruction for shopper to raise both hands to be tele-ported to augmented reality scenery background
12 Detect raising of both hands Transport shopper to next scene after shopper raises both hands to be tele-ported
Gender Recognition
13 Measure height Measures the height of shopper
14 Measure shoulder & hip width Measures the shoulder and hip width of shopper
15 Detect presence of long hair Detects the length of shopper's hair, whether it is long (below shoulder) or short (above shoulder)
16 Detect presence of skirt Detects whether shopper is wearing a skirt or not
17 Determine gender of shopper Determines the gender of shopper based on the above 5 parameters (height, shoulder & hip width, long hair, skirt)
18 Displays pink or blue background based on gender Displays pink background in the hat-picking scene if gender detected is female. Likewise, blue background is displayed if gender detected is male
Hat Picking
19 Displays two hats Two hats are displayed. One is more masculine, the other more feminine.
20 Displays instruction to choose a hat Display a thought bubble that instructs shopper to pick a hat
21 Grabbing of hat Detect choosing and grabbing of hat by shopper
22 Wearing of hat by shopper Hat to follow shopper's hat and to be used for photo taking
Photo Taking
23 Display augmented reality scenery background Displays the chosen scenery in the background surrounding the shopper's image
24 Insert instruction thought bubble Display a thought bubble that instructs shopper to raise his/her right hand to take a photo
25 Detect raising of right hand Detect when shopper raises right hand to trigger photo taking timer
26 Countdown timer Starts the countdown timer to count down from 5 to 0 to allow time for shopper to pose
27 Take a photo Captures a snapshot of shopper with augmented reality scenery background
28 Display photo Displays the photo of shopper with augmented reality scenery background
29 Insert instruction to scan tag Instruction to scan tag on the right hand side of the photo
30 Refresh tag After new picture is captured, a new tag will replace the old tag
Promotions, Photo Gallery & Microsoft Tag
31 Determine type of content to display Decides whether to display female-related or male-related content based on the gender determined earlier on
32 Create high colour density barcode tags Create tags with link to gender-related content and another tag to photo gallery
33 Overlay of tag Display tag at the bottom right corner of the screen
34 Refresh screen Refreshes screen back to the starting scene when shopper has completed the flow or has decided to leave halfway through
35 Photo Gallery A page which shows all the photos taken will be displayed. Shopper can retrieve his/her photo from this page.
36 Read tag Scan Microsoft tag, direct user to allocated page
37 Update tag Change the URL to which a particular Microsoft Tag points to
38 Delete tag Delete tag
39 Integrate tag with AlterSense Integrate tag with gender recognition & photo taking
40 Retrieve analytics from Microsoft Tag web service Retrieve analytics raw values from Microsoft Tag web server
41 Parse analytics Parse raw values obtained from Microsoft Tag server
42 Display parsed analytics values Display acquired values that have been parsed