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Project Partners


The Team


Project Overview

Project Description

Despite rapid proliferation of shopping centers, CapitaMalls Asia (CMA) continues to remain highly competitive through its focus on customer’s experience. Its principle on providing different shopping experience - such as by pioneering the signaling of parking lot availability through the usage of red or green light, has distinguished CMA from other malls. This strategy has worked for CMA, bringing CMA more mall patrons from year to year

In alignment with this emphasis, our team aims to develop a feature of attraction based on movement sensor technology, to provide CMA shoppers with unparalleled shopping experience exclusive to CMA.

AlterSense - The Product


In our own words, AlterSense is a natural user interface that stokes shoppers' curiosity by creating a dynamic and visual experience within a shopping mall

Moving is one of the characteristics of living beings. Research has also proven that body language conveys more about a person, more than 50% compared to the content of what a person says. The term natural user interface is hence derived from this understanding that gestures are inherent in human beings. There are basic gestures that are somehow universally understood and used by everyone. An interface leveraging on gestures therefore promises ease of learning - even children should be able to pick it up in a short period. It stokes shoppers' curiosity due to the usage of a different kind of input: no typing on keyboard or tapping on the screen. Having to move to execute an action also creates more involvement, user will feel immersed in the experience; hence the dynamic experience. Augmented reality enhances this experience further as user's image will be displayed among other virtual, augmented elements. The best part? Imagine trying this out in a shopping mall!

It will be developed using Kinect movement sensor technology, particularly:

  • Facial recognition
  • Skeletal detection (joint movement)

Gender and age recognition will also be used to establish relationships between objects captured on the wall display, bringing in demography conclusion, which is a newly-ventured area. Programming language used will be C#. A Kinect, connected to a computer, will be used to capture movement and process it. A projector will be used to project image captured by Kinect, combined with the virtual elements onto the wall display.

Project Goals

  1. Enhance Experience: Bring shopper's experience to the next level
  2. Improve Brand Recognition: Associate the unique experiences with CapitaMalls mall initiative
  3. Utilize Latest Technology: Implemeting cutting edge technology to engage shoppers

Project Stakeholders

  • Edwin
  • Ethan

Learning Outcomes

Client Requirements


Scenario flowchart illustrating different scenarios for different kinds of shoppers is shown below

Scenario Flow Chart V2.1.jpg

The following story boards depict the scenarios in a more detailed manner:

Story PassingBy.png

Passing by Storyboard

The wall will not display anything while it’s on idle and only activate once shoppers walk across the field of view of the Kinect. Once a single shopper or more (up to 6 players) visual display and sound will be played following shopper. There will be random display that will request shoppers to stop for a moment and depending on the number of shoppers that stood, the application will react as follows:

Story 1player.png

When a shopper walks past AlterSense, he may be intrigued by the visualizations that are creating a trail behind him and would pause for 2 seconds. As the visualizations fade away, an angel and a demon appear by his side and start engaging in a conversation. They persuade the shopper to choose between good and evil. The shopper would make a decision by performing an action proposed by the angel or demon. The outcome is displayed and the screen fades out.

Story 2player.png

When two shoppers walk past AlterSense, they would see a trailer playing on the screen. The trailer invites both shoppers to step forward to peer into an alternate world. They would see their alter egos appear on the screen and would engage in a conversation that mimics the shoppers in the alternate world. The cliché conversation will be injected with light hearted humour to create the opportunity for the shoppers to laugh at their alter egos. An activity based on the determined relationship follows, ending the user experience on a high note.

Use Case Description

Use Case Diagram

Paper Prototype

Project Management

Planned Project Schedule


Actual Project Schedule



Risk Management

S/N Risk Statement Impact Likelihood Impact Level Mitigation Strategy Status
Technology & Learning Risk
1 Lack of documentation for Kinect SDK
  • Development is delayed
High High
  • Look for latest Kinect examples online
2 No suitable gestures library that we can use
  • Development is delayed
  • Some features may have to be dropped
High High
  • Write our own gesture library
3 Self-written motion gestures may be inaccurate/inconsistent/too difficult to perform.
  • Development is delayed
  • Some features may have to be dropped
High High
  • Gather feedback consistently, assess written gestures and then decide whether to change them.
  • Watch videos of Kinect games to learn how to make better motion gestures.
4 Team is unfamiliar with working with new technology & tools
  • Development is delayed
  • Schedule is affected
High High
  • Allow sufficient time for each member to learn the new technology and tools
  • Arrange weekly sessions to review on progress
Scope Risk
5 Sponsor changes his requirements frequently
  • Core functionalities may not be able to be completed
  • Schedule is affected
Medium Medium
  • Update sponsor consistently with the latest progress of project
  • Develop paper prototypes to ensure sponsor & team are on the same level of agreement
  • Divide huge tasks into smaller features that can be pushed out a weekly basis
6 Team overpromising new features
  • Schedule is affected
Medium Medium
  • Prioritize list of functions in client’s requirements list before coming to an agreement with him
Development Risk
7 There is a critical bug that affects the core functionalities
  • Core functionalities are not working
High High
  • Team will halt current development and focus on debugging
  • Forecast the features able to be completed & inform client of functionalities which cannot be completed
Schedule Risk
8 Team members have other commitments and different priorities
  • Team morale is low
Medium High
  • Communicate & align individual member’s priorities & project priorities together
  • Set clear tasks together as a team every week

Technical Applications

Development Technologies


  • Kinect for Windows Sensor
  • NEC 300WS Short Throw LCD Projector

Project Management & Documentation

  • Pivotal Tracker
  • TortoiseSVN
  • Visual Paradigm

Technical Tools

Third Party Technologies

Progress Summary

Minutes Repository

Mid Term Wiki

User Experience Testing

Final Term Wiki

Project Sitemap