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Welcome to the exciting Bee’s page where you learn and we learn! We are 5 enthusiastic SMU SIS students who are embarking on IS480, a Final Year Project. We are working closely with Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) to create Staff Deployment Simulation Software to help them evaluate the efficiency of SATS’ current staff rosters. Our main aim is to provide an intelligent report for SATS management to increase the efficiency of staff utilization rate and reduce the cost of SATS operation.

To find more about our project, please refer to our Project Overview. We will be constantly updating our wiki page. Stay tuned!

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Final Presentation
Date : 04-Dec-2012
Time : 15:00

Poster Day
Date : 07-Dec-2012
Time : 14:30

Hand Over to Client
Date : 07-Dec-2012

Last Iteration : Simulation Report

by All

Start Date : 26-Nov-2012
End Date : 04-Dec-2012

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