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6-bit's Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends
by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain.

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Planned Schedule

6-bit ScheduleDiagramOverview.png

Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes

[|Meeting Minute 1] [|Meeting Minute 11] [|Meeting Minute 21]
[|Meeting Minute 2] [|Meeting Minute 12] [|Meeting Minute 22]
[|Meeting Minute 3] [|Meeting Minute 13] [|Meeting Minute 23]
[|Meeting Minute 4] [|Meeting Minute 14] [|Meeting Minute 24]
[|Meeting Minute 5] [|Meeting Minute 15] [|Meeting Minute 25]
[|Meeting Minute 6] [|Meeting Minute 16] [|Meeting Minute 26]
[|Meeting Minute 7] [|Meeting Minute 17] [|Meeting Minute 27]
[|Meeting Minute 8] [|Meeting Minute 18]
[|Meeting Minute 9] [|Meeting Minute 19]
[|Meeting Minute 10] [|Meeting Minute 20]

Supervisor Meeting Minutes

|Meeting Minute 1
|Meeting Minute 2
|Meeting Minute 3
|Meeting Minute 4
|Meeting Minute 5
|Meeting Minute 6
|Meeting Minute 7
|Meeting Minute 8
|Meeting Minute 9
|Meeting Minute 10
|Meeting Minute 11


Test Cases

|Test Cases

Test Plans

Test Plan 1 on 17 September 2012
Test Plan 2 on 28 September 2012
Test Plan 3 on 19 October 2012
Test Plan 4 on 4 November 2012

User Testing

User Testing 1 User Testing 2 User Testing 3 User Testing 4


6-bit schedule.png

Schedule Metric

Every iteration, schedule metric values are calculated to understand the project progress. They are broadly categorized into 5 different groups, where different action plans will apply. The acceptable range of value is within 90% to 110%, offering some buffer for natural inaccuracies between forecasting and execution.

Total Schedule Metric Value = Planned no. of days taken (P) / Actual no. of Days Assigned (A) x 100%

6-bit schedulemetric.png

Bug Metric


6-bit BugMetric.png 6-bit BugLog.png

Bug Log: |Click Here

Bug logging for Chapalang! takes the direction of being practical and easily monitored from both macro and micro perspectives. Whenever a bug is found, a new row is entered with the following data:

  • Index number
  • Bug description
  • Found by
  • Found date
  • Expected solve-by date
  • Bug severity
  • Status
  • Owner of the function
  • Fixed date
  • Closed by (Tester)
  • Close date
  • Additional comments


Bugs are classified into 3 different categories of complexity, easy, moderate and hard. Each category is assigned points of 1, 5 and 10 respectively, lower is better.

Total Points for Each Iteration = Σ Points of the Bugs in each iteration

6-bit BugMetricFormula.png

After assigning each bug with points associated by its complexity, we will track the total bug scores at the end of each week before deciding if there should be any actions to be taken. The following is an action plan for our bug metric:

6-bit BugMetricFormula2.png

Risk & Mitigation

6-bit RiskDiagram.png