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==Email Notification==

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6-bit's Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends
by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain.

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About Chapalang.com

6-bit UI 11.png

Login Page

6-bit UI 1.png

Marketplace Front Page

6-bit UI 2.png

Payment Process

6-bit UI 3.png

Profile Page

6-bit UI 4.png

Manage Product

6-bit UI 5.png

Manage Order

6-bit UI 6.png

Manage Sale

6-bit UI 15.png


6-bit UI 7.png

6-bit UI 8.png

Invite Friends

6-bit UI 9.png

Top Bar

6-bit UI 10.png

Mass Order

6-bit UI 14.png

6-bit UI 12.png