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6-bit's Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends
by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain.

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Current Status

  Current Iteration   Meeting Status

Iteration Number : 12
Iteration Start Date : 29 September 2012
Iteration End Date : 12 October 2012
Iteration Task :
1. Develop Mass Order feature
2. Improvise on product search function
3. Develop basic advertising function

Weekly Meeting Schedule
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
SIS Analytics Kitchen
12pm to 3pm

Weekly Supervisor Meeting
Every Monday
2pm to 3pm

Last Update: 30 September 2012
Next Update: 12 October 2012

Academic Milestones


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The Team


The Project: Chapalang


Chapalang's Features


proposes the following unique features:

Gifts Sharing : Supported by a strong relationship-based social media such as Facebook, where an arbitrary user can add a product item into his wish list and any other user will be able to contribute to the costs of the item in part or in full. This is especially useful for costs sharing on birthday gifts or simply supporting a social cause by co-donating an item to the charity. A typical wish list function on other platforms simply acts as a bookmark to a product item and Chapalang will improvise this feature.


Mass orders : Popular on several informal online marketplaces where users of a particular interests group will contribute to a bulk order with their individual orders of smaller quantities. Thereafter, the collective order with bulk quantity will be used to negotiate for cheaper price from suppliers. However, mass orders conducted on existing marketplace platforms are largely informal, with no payment or buyer particulars tracking abilities and Chapalang seeks to fulfill this gap.


Escrow service : provided to establish trust and assurance for the transactions taken place on Chapalang’s platform, where buyers will pay payments to Chapalang instead of directly to the seller. The payment is held in trust by Chapalang and will be released to the seller upon the buyers’ confirmation on the receipt of goods or 20 days after the shipping of items if there is no response from the buyer. Currently, most e-market platform places the onus of establishing confidence in the transaction solely on the buyers and sellers.


Dotcom Logo.jpg

Chapalang is a self-proposed project for DotCom Enterprise. Upon successful development, DotCom will commercialize the project for live operations. Mr. Eric Chew, Special Projects Manager will be the primary contact from DotCom. Throughout the development and implementation stages, our team will deploy the project on the live systems provided by DotCom.


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