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[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management#User_Testing_1 Click Here to view the details of User Test 1]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management_UT1#User_Testing Click Here to view the details of User Test 1]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management#User_Testing_2 Click Here to view the details of User Test 2]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management_UT2#User_Testing Click Here to view the details of User Test 2]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management#User_Testing_3 Click Here to view the details of User Test 3]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management_UT3#User_Testing Click Here to view the details of User Test 3]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management#User_Testing_4 Click Here to view the details of User Test 4]
[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/IS480_Team_wiki:_2012T1_6-bit_Project_Management_UT4#User_Testing Click Here to view the details of User Test 4]

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6-bit logo.png
6-bit's Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends
by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain.

Final Wikipage
Home Technical Overview Project Deliverables Project Management Learning Outcomes

Project Progress Summary

Final Presentation Slides *Coming Soon by 5th December!*
Our website: http://www.chapalang.com

X Factor

Commercial service

The development of Chapalang! will lead to a commercialization of the project after the completion of IS480 course. It is neither a proof-of-concept nor prototype, but a commercial project and hence proves that there is real business value in the project. Additionally, the system features and processes ought to be sound and valid in order to qualify as a commercial service, which will good project management and effort. Therefore, Chapalang! will be a unique project in IS480 with special values and qualities.

Real users environment

While the official launch date of Chapalang! as a commercial service will be at the discretion of our client, we will be accepting real sellers, real products, real buyers and real transactions. The fulfilment of the transactions has the logistical support of the client, but our team will be fully responsible for catering to the system processes.

A real user environment offers 2 key challenges. The first challenge is that the system function has to be of the same quality and operational standard as a competing commercial service, as customers will have the same quality expectations. Authoring, staging and production environments and policies have to be clear and strictly adhered to. Secondly, real users in this project belong to a mass market audience and hence have highly diversified preferences on functionalities or user experience. Hence, it is challenging to satisfy most or a value stratified users, and subsequently aligning it to our project objectives. As it is uncommon for most IS480 projects to face these project characteristics, we believe it is a unique X-Factor.

Problem Scenario: ‎Click Here
Team 6-bit is formed during the month of May in 2012. We have battled through 16 iterations of planning, designing, constructing and deploying our project, Chapalang and have successfully completed the project, maintaining to our planned scope. Throughout 16 iterations, we have our ups and downs. We faced several unexpected technical challenges which brought down the morale of the team. People with different methods of solving problems created communication problems. However, having a common goal in mind, we endure and frantically looking for workarounds and alternatives to overcome these challenges. We, too, faced some project management challenges where some tasks are not complete on time and caused disturbance to our schedule. These project challenges allow us to iron out our differences and streamlined a better working process. After overcoming these challenges, we had improved ourselves as individuals as well as improved as a team!

6-bit poster.jpg

Click here to view our 1min Video Pitch!

6-bit videopitch.gif

Project Highlights

What unexpected events occurred:

  • Accidental deletion of live website database
  • Website server down
  • Members machine breakdown

Project Management


6-bit schedule.png

Completed Features of Chapalang.com

Prototype of Chapalang's Features: ‎Click Here

Visit http://www.chapalang.com to try these features out yourself! =)

Quality of Product

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes ‎Click Here
Metrics Schedule metrics: ‎Click Here
Bug metrics: ‎Click Here
Requirements Scope Click Here
Scope Prioritization Click Here
Problem Scenario As-Is: Click Here
To-Be: Click Here
Analysis Use case Click Here
Business Process Diagram Click Here
Screen Shots Click Here
Design Logical Diagram Click Here
Class Diagram Click Here
Sequence Diagrams Click Here
Data Architecture Click Here
Testing Test plan [Click Here]


There are a total of 4 User Tests conducted, each with a different coverage and test methodology.
Click Here to view the details of User Test 1
Click Here to view the details of User Test 2
Click Here to view the details of User Test 3
Click Here to view the details of User Test 4


Click Here to Download our Sponsor's Comments!

Team Reflection

Learning Outcome: ‎Click Here

6-bit teamReflection.png

Individual Reflection

6-bit tianxiangReflection.png

6-bit geksengReflection.png

6-bit houstonReflection.png

6-bit aloysiusReflection.png

6-bit kennethReflection.png

6-bit huilingReflection.png