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[[Media:Chapalang_Final_Slides.pdf‎|<font color="#CD004E">  *Coming Soon!*]]
[[Media:Chapalang_Final_Slides.pdf‎|<font color="#CD004E">  *Coming Soon!*]]
[[https://dl.dropbox.com/u/56071797/Final_Presentation.pptx |<font color="#CD004E"><b>Final Presentation Slides</b></font>]]
[https://dl.dropbox.com/u/56071797/Final_Presentation.pptx |<font color="#CD004E"><b>Final Presentation Slides</b></font>]

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6-bit's Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends
by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain.

Final Wikipage
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Current Status

  Current Iteration   Meeting Status

Iteration Number : 16 *Final Iteration*
Iteration Start Date : 24 November 2012
Iteration End Date : 3 December 2012
Iteration Task :
1. Final Presentation
2. Poster Day

Weekly Meeting Schedule
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
SIS Analytics Kitchen
12pm to 3pm

Weekly Supervisor Meeting
Every Monday
2pm to 3pm

Last Update: 28 November 2012

The Team


The Project: Chapalang

Talk, Buy, Sell, Share, all on Chapalang!

Chapalang! is a social utility that connects people with friends and new friends by offering a place for exchanging ideas and information on its public domain. People use our discussion forums to write HOWTOs, share findings, ask questions, comment on news, and many more.
Chapalang! also features a social marketplace for you to buy online, and participate in mass orders in a convenient and reliable way.
Best of all, you can browse wish lists of your friends to know what are the right things to buy on special occasions. You could buy the gift on Chapalang! and have it sent to their doorsteps, or organize a Gift Sharing campaign to share the costs of gift with other friends.


Chapalang's Main Features


proposes the following unique features:


Gifts Sharing :
Gifting can be simple or collective. A simple gift is purchased when a user pays for the full costs of the gift, and states the recipient’s contact details upon checkout. Chapalang! will contact the recipient for their address, and subsequently fulfil the order with the delivery of goods.

A collective gift is purchased when a user takes on the role of an organizer and initiates a Gift Sharing Campaign. He will select a product from a user’s wish list, or any other product in the marketplace, and designate it to be the gift to be shared. He will also decide on the product options, if any, as well as the delivery method.

Thereafter, he can invite a list of mutual friends whom he wants to share the gift with. The invitees will be informed of the campaign via a notification, and will be able to contribute any varying amount on the campaign page. They will also be able to hide their amount of contribution, or even hide their contribution record from public. Upon successfully raising the target amount which is the price of the gift, an email will be sent to the recipient for him/her to update their address for fulfilment and delivery.

6-bit Border.png


Mass orders :
Mass Orders (MO) should be structured and organized, just like a regular product item in the marketplace.

When creating an MO, the buyer will input the price, description, minimum collective quantity for the MO to go through, the maximum collective quantity accepted for the MO if it’s a limited quantity offer, as well as the start and end period of the MO. An MO organizer can be an individual or a company. The organizer will be able to invite his/her friends, or regular customers to the MO.

Participants of an MO will be able to view the MO page, enter a desired quantity and checkout. In the checkout process, participants will be required to enter their delivery address and choose their preferred shipping method. Payment is made upon ordering, safeguarded by the esrow service, and will be paid to the sellers if the MO is successful. In the event that MO is unsuccessful or cancelled, full amount of their orders will be refunded to all participants automatically.

6-bit Border.png


Escrow :
In most other agent websites, buyers either pay to sellers directly or buyers pay to the agent and agent will pay the buyers 30 days later. We will turn this credit period to the advantage of buyers and sellers, introducing assurance.

In any transaction on Chapalang!, the buyer will pay to Chapalang! directly. Sellers are notified of the receipt of payment, and will proceed to ship the item out to the buyer. Upon receipt of the order, buyers will revisit Chapalang! and indicate that the goods are received satisfactorily, and Chapalang! will then pay the sellers in the next 3 days. However, if there is no response or dispute from the buyers within 30 days, the order is assumed to be satisfactorily fulfilled and the payment will be released to the seller. In the event of disputes, buyers and sellers are encouraged to negotiate for a recovery, or in the case of an exhausted negotiation, Chapalang! may issue a full or partial refund to the customers.

Systematically, the Chapalang! system will support this this use case through a series of functions.

  • Firstly, the system will support a goods receipt acknowledgement process, recording the goods receipt, triggering of payment activities to sellers upon 30 days grace or upon the record of goods receipt.
  • Secondly, sellers should be able to see their sales and know how much they will be receiving from Chapalang! and when.
  • Thirdly, there should be a messaging channel to facilitate communications between the buyer and seller
  • Fourthly, there should be a refund method to allow sellers to refund a transaction should be accept that he’s unable to recover or fulfil the order
  • Lastly, administrator of Chapalang! should be able to see a list of fulfilled, or assumed fulfilled transactions ready for payment to the sellers

Prototype of Chapalang's Features: ‎Click Here

Chapalang's Low Level Functions

Web Parser

As an interactive feature, URLs shared on Chapalang! will offer a preview which contains the site title, url, image and description. This should reflect the final URL, instead of any redirecting URL at a higher level.

The picking of appropriate objects (title, url, image or description) is important, where standardized Open Graph (OG) protocol meta data of a webpage will be prioritized, before seeking through the other HTML components for referencing objects.

Private Message

6-bit message.png

There should be an in-system communication channel for general users, buyers and sellers. Potential buyers can clarify product specifications with sellers, sellers can confirm delivery address with buyers in case of anomalies, and general users can use it for chatting purposes.

It should be able to perform CRUD of messages between 2 users, in a conversational format. Users are notified via email whenever they receive a message. They will also be able to see past messages exchanged, in a single conversation page.

Image Cropping Tool

As all images uploaded by users can be of different dimensions, our system will need a tool to automatically resize and crop away unimportant parts to fit the image dimensions on different pages.

Hence, the Image Cropping Tool will help us with automatically resizing an image to the most suitable resolution, before cropping away any extended sides and focus on the centre of the image which is usually the most important message. This tool will be applied throughout the entire platform, on both discussion forums and marketplace.


6-bit notification.png

Users should be appropriately notified on any activities concerning them. They will have a new notifications whenever someone replies to their post, whenever a friend is following them in Chapalang!, or when a product purchased is being shipped, et cetera.

Notification entries should link them to appropriate pages for follow-up actions or even simply viewing more details of the notification. Each in-system notification should also be tied to an email notification for a timelier update to users, and users should have the ability to modify their notifications settings for privacy or information flood control.

Search function

6-bit search.png

There are many content types on Chapalang!, which includes people, messages, products, posts, et cetera. These content types should be searchable for the purpose of conveniently accessing specific content.

Profile page

6-bit profilepage.png

Every user will have a dedicated profile page, which contains their profile picture, basic particulars, activities and friends. This will create a more social environment, where information of a user is shared among friends.

Management pages

6-bit management.png

There should be a set of management pages, for the management of sales, orders or products. These pages will be able to perform basic CRUD functions, as well as other functions allowing appropriate manipulation of an activity. For example, Manage Sales will allow sellers to view transactional details as well as updating shipping details when an order is fulfilled. On the other hand, Manage Orders will allow buyers to review their purchases and be informed whether their orders are fulfilled. Correspondingly, Manage Products will allow the sellers administer all aspects of a product, from its description, images, pricing, to its options and shipping methods.

Settings pages

6-bit settings.png

There will be separate pages for Accounts Settings, Privacy Settings and Notifications Settings. Firstly, Account Settings will allow a user to change their basic information imported from Facebook. Secondly, Privacy Settings will provide the option to show or hide certain sensitive information that a user may choose not to show in the public. Lastly, Notifications Settings will help the users manage the quantity and quality of notifications that they receive as they might choose not to be informed of certain activities to prevent information overload.

Personalized dashboard

6-bit personalizeddb.png

A dashboard is the first page the user will see upon login, and will contain a mash up of content from various components on the portal. The content published to the dashboard is personalized through stratification supported by data-driven analytics.

The dashboard will contain the following data:

  • Relevant topics from subscribed forums
  • Featured discussions
  • Product recommendations generated by analytics
  • Recent purchases made by friends
  • Featured mass orders recommendations generated by analytics
  • Seasonal or holidays promotional products recommendations generated by analytics
  • New arrival products recommendations generated by analytics
  • Reminders on upcoming special dates, friends’ birthdays, and activity invites

The dashboard has a 2-step approach in deriving personalized content. Firstly, a set of meta data describing a user is generated. Secondly, another set of meta data describing a product is also generated. Subsequently, both set of meta data are matched to produce a list of recommendations.

Dotcom Logo.jpg

Chapalang is a self-proposed project for DotCom Enterprise. Upon successful development, DotCom will commercialize the project for live operations. Mr. Eric Chew, Special Projects Manager will be the primary contact from DotCom. Throughout the development and implementation stages, our team will deploy the project on the live systems provided by DotCom.